Tower of Fantasy: Unchangeable features, plans, and stories you might miss

Tower of Fantasy Gender Selection Unchangeable Features

The best part of MMORPGs is that you can be anyone you want to be in the game. However, there are unchangeable features in Tower of Fantasy.

In case you are just now jumping into the World of Aida, or if you plan to start a new character altogether, you need to know that there are some features of the game that you will not be able to change after you have made your decision.

Many of these unchangeable features will happen at the start of the game. If you make the decision hastily, you will not be able to go back and undo what you have already completed. However, Tower of Fantasy will give the player some alternatives if you want to make some changes.


Tower of Fantasy Servers Unchangeable
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

Unchangeable features: Server, gender, and main storyline

Before creating a character in Tower of Fantasy, a player will be given options for which server they would like to join. Depending on your region, you will have multiple options; some have more options than other regional servers. However, once you have decided on what server your character will be housed in, you will not be able to move to a different server. This is one of some unchangeable features of Tower of Fantasy.

Similar to the server, a player will not be able to change the gender of the chosen character. After choosing the server and starting a new game, the player will get a small cutscene of Frigg. After that, the player will be asked to choose which gender they prefer for their character. This cannot be changed afterward, and there has not been any information from Hotta Studio of they plan to undo this unchangeable feature in the future.

Another unchangeable feature is the main storyline. Once you have been drawn into a cutscene involving the main storyline, you will be given an option to skip that. If you skip the cutscene, you will no longer have the option to redo the scene. If you are enjoying the story’s progression, we strongly encourage you not to skip it.


Tower of Fantasy Change Channel
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

Unchangeable features alternatives

Although a player cannot change the server once it has been chosen, the Wanderer will still have the option to change the channel. The channel is like a division of the server. You can change channels by going to the upper left button of your screen, just above the mini-map. Once you tap the channel, it will give you a pop-up where you can change the channel.

The channel is often used during world boss raids or when parties want to see each other on the same screen. Being in the same channel also allows players to assist other Wanderers in defeating mini-bosses without having to share their drops. There are also bonus points for those that are in the same party.

Players can still change their appearance through a Simulacrum or the outfits option. If you choose to use a Simulacrum, the player will also adapt the current skin that Simulacrum is using. If you prefer to use the original character that you created, you still have the option to change their outfits and personalize the size and color of their outfits.


Tower of Fantasy Change Customize Character
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

Changing outfits and name

A play still has the option to change the basic features of their outfit. However, once you are done with that part of the main story, changing the main character’s outfit will cost 100 dark crystals. You can do this by going to your backpack and then choosing the outfits menu on the lower middle section of the screen.

From here, you can also customize the look of your character. You can add accessories or make minor changes to the physical appearance of the Wanderer. Just like your outfits, changing your character’s physical appearance will also cost you 100 dark crystals.

You must purchase the Identity update card to change your name in the game. This card can be obtained for 300 dark crystals. Go to the shop option on the main screen and then look for the HOT tab. Just scroll to the bottom and see the identity update card listed as an option.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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