Tower of Fantasy: The Three Phases of Road to Strife

Tower of Fantasy Road to Strife Frigg

There are three phases of the new event in Tower of Fantasy. Each is a limited-time event and will provide different rewards for the Wanderer.

The rewards you get from each time-limited event will differ from the rest. For example, players can get a chance to get Red Nucleus from certain quests from the event that can be used to summon Frigg. Previously, the same event happened where players could get Red Nucleus, but the Simulacrum you can get back then was Nemesis. This will likely be the case each time a new event series happens to the game.

The Frigg banner is one of the possible rewards for the three-part event. Another possible reward is the Mechbird. The Mechbird can be obtained by completing the Star Gate challenges and obtaining Star Grit. You can exchange the collected star grit at the Aida Black Market.

The three phases of the event are Stellarway Divergence, Orienteering, and Doubles Mega Arena. Below is the information per phase:

Tower of Fantasy Stellarway Divergence
Credits: Hotta Studios


Road to Strife Phase 1: Stellarway Divergence

The first phase of the event will automatically happen as soon as you update to the current version (v1.0.10). There are similarities between the permanent in-game event and this temporary event. One of these similarities is the Star Gate in the permanent event – Interstellar Exploration challenge. The map will show blue gates for those. However, for the Stellarway Divergence event, the gates are red. This will also be the same for the markings on your map.

There are different challenges for each Star Gate. There is still a possibility that you will encounter the same scenario, but that is very unlikely. Players must enter the Star Gate with a full team as it is almost impossible to finish the challenge alone. Many players are waiting to be recruited, so it should not take more than a minute to fill the needed number of Wanderers.

Here are some of the scenarios that you need to complete for the Star Gate challenge:

  • Defeat a single boss
  • Eliminate three waves of enemies. There are normally four monsters per wave. A code will appear each time you complete a wave. After three waves, you will need to defuse the bomb by guessing the correct combination based on each wave’s three numbers.

Once you complete the Star Gate challenge, you will get 300-star grit. You join teams completing the red Star Gate challenge four times. There is a cap of 1200 star grit per day.

Tower of Fantasy Star Gate
Credits: Hotta Studio


Orienteering and Doubles Mega Arena

The second phase of the event is Orienteering. The phase is open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday between 12:00 and 23:00 server time. Although there has not been much information about the second phase of the event, it has been confirmed that this is the phase where you will get the last two parts of the Mechbird. If you check the Legs and Core parts of the Mechbird now in the Aidan Black Market, it will say “Event Phase 2 unlocked”. They will both be sold for 1000 star grit.

There has not been any information provided for the third phase of the event. Although we know that the phase will start on September 08, 2022, at 03:00 server time. It has been speculated that this will be related to the PvP matches in-game.

In case you need assistance accessing the Aidan Black Market, we have compiled a step-by-step guide here. There is also other helpful information about the event in that article.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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