Tower of Fantasy Glowshrooms: How to solve the mushroom puzzle

Tower of Fantasy Glowshroom - Mushroom Puzzle

From its scenic spots to its dangerous zones, the planet of Aida in Tower of Fantasy is definitely filled with all types of life and adventures, enough so that even the local flora can present a challenge, such as with the mushroom puzzle.

While exploring the vast world of Tower of Fantasy, you must have encountered some huge glowing mushrooms. Nope, they certainly aren’t similar to those animate ones that you can attack. These huge mushrooms are inanimate, but you get the hunch that they aren’t just there for aesthetic reasons.

These huge glowing mushrooms are called Glowshrooms. But they’re hiding a puzzle, so here’s how you can solve the mushroom puzzle. It is actually quite easy. You don’t need to use any items for it for example. You only need to interact with the Glowshrooms in a particular way.

How to solve the mushroom puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

According to the game’s Survival Guide, “Rumor has it that good things happen when you light them up in a certain order.”

To light these Glowshrooms up and solve the mushroom puzzle, you simply need to jump on top of each one in a particular order. You would know that you jumped on the right mushroom when it glows and lights up a brilliant blue. If you proceed to another one and it also glows, it means that it’s the correct mushroom in the sequence.

Tower of Fantasy Glowshroom - Mushroom Puzzle - Jump on top
Credit: Hotta Studio, TheClick

However, if you step on the wrong mushroom, it won’t have the same reaction. It will also stop the glow of the previously activated ones. Therefore, if you’re going for a trial and error, you should remember any progress you make in lighting them up.

Don’t worry! You won’t be bouncing on countless Glowshrooms. There are only 3-4 of them in one set, and solving the mushroom puzzle will only take probably a minute of your time.

As for the “good things” that could happen to you when you light them all up, solving the mushroom puzzle will reward you with valuable resources such as a Black Nucleus. These are useful for the game’s gacha system. Moreover, it contributes to your exploration progress, eventually allowing you to add more cool outfits to your wardrobe.

Tower of Fantasy Glowshroom - Mushroom Puzzle - Reward - Black Nucleus
Credit: Hotta Studio, TheClick

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, iOS, and Android. The game is also set to arrive on gaming consoles, but no release date has been given yet.

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