Tower of Fantasy: How to increase your damage through Combat Score

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Unlike most games, levelling up is just a small factor in total damage output. Tower of Fantasy adds many factors to the damage dealt to enemies.

It is important to note that although levelling up in-game does help in adding more damage, it will still be a small factor compared to the many other components that the player needs to focus on to get higher damage output.

There are four parts of the guide; Combat Score, Weapons, Gears, and Relics. Each of the four elements in Tower of Fantasy has its own respective materials that are necessary for their improvement.

Some materials are available as common drops from enemies, but as the game progresses the amount needed will increase, making the process slower and more challenging.


Increasing Combat Score, improving weapons and resonance

Combat Score (CS) is the combined damage score of the character when it comes to the weapons, matrices, suppressor level, gear, and relics. It exists to summarise all of these together into a single value, in effect.

The base damage will depend on the rarity of the equipment. For example, an SSR weapon will typically have higher base damage than an SR weapon. Another example is on matrices where the added CS increases depending on the color; blue, purple, and gold respectively. It is important to check what could be preventing you from levelling up your suppressor since it adds an overall positive effect not just to your damage.

Try to match your weapons to the opponents you are up against. For example, most of the Hyena Thugs are weak against Volt. As such, even if a fire-type weapon has higher overall combat score, it is still entirely possible that a volt-type weapon would cause more damage to the enemy.

Improving your weaponry is particularly advisable if it falls into the SSR weapons category. You can do this by completing summons using either the gold or dark nucleus. You can also summon using the red nucleus, although those are very limited in-game.

Tower of Fantasy Combat Score Weapon

Resonance is an added buff obtained with certain combinations of your weapons. As an example, if you plan on being a damage-dealing character, you can use Fierce Attack to add 10% to your total damage. Resonance can be seen in the weapons section of the menu.

Simulacra also play a big role in making sure that you are maximizing all components that could affect your Combat Score. You can check your Simulacra at the menu screen of the game. By Awakening Simulacra, you will also increase the overall strength of the weapon associated with that Simulacra.

Awakening characters is quite easy, simply provide them gifts from the various stores available in-game.

Food buff will also play a vital role in the additional damage you deal to enemies. New recipes can be obtained from various side quests, and you may try your hand at cooking them in designated areas of the game to replenish your hunger. You can also visit Mia’s Kitchen where Mia will offer you random treats that will temporarily increase your stats.

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How to increase the level of matrices, gears, and relics

Matrices can often be obtained by completing daily and weekly quests. Make sure to check the chapters of the game through the menu screen. Most matrices are found in limited events such as Joint Operations, or earned from besting world bosses.

There are two ways how to increase the level of your matrices, either by obtaining similar matrices for the same part of the memory and increasing the star of the matrix, or by developing the matrix by obtaining a matrix data pack. These matrix data packs can be obtained by completing side quests including daily and weekly tasks.

Relics or gadgets meanwhile are not exclusively for side quests, they can help in a fight too.

Relics can be obtained as drops after defeating enemies or as part of your main mission. Although some of them don’t have many obvious combat applications, such as the jetpack, being able to increase their level can also mean that it can be used to increase your Combat Score.

There are a total of 8 gear pieces you can obtain randomly in game at present. Enhancing gears can be worthwhile as long as you understand that the materials needed to do this can make it quite a long process. We would suggest that you not use the materials without considering which gear you might get the most value from. It’d also be a good idea to make sure to only focus on the purple and gold equipment.

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