Tower of Fantasy: How to increase chances of winning in Doubles Mega Arena

Tower of Fantasy Double Mega Arena

The new event of Tower of Fantasy, Road to Strife, has three phases. A third phase is a PvP event for a team of two players – Doubles Mega Arena.

If you are looking for a PvP match in Tower of Fantasy, you can go to Apex League to do that. It allows players to showcase their skills through a balanced play between two players. Base, weapon, and relic stats are all set equal for each player. Here, Combat Strength and level do not matter.

Doubles Mega Arena is an event that is similar to the Apex League. It pits players against each other and provides equal opportunity for all participants, may they be free-to-play or otherwise. However, there are certain differences between the two events. Doubles Mega Arena will require four players from opposing sides instead of just two.

There are two members per team. The goal of the match is to defeat the opponents through the teamwork and tactics of two players. This puts more factors in question before you say you have a high chance of winning.


Tower of Fantasy Apex Double Mega Arena Description
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

The basics of Doubles Mega Arena

To get to the Doubles Arena, just choose the Rewards Menu on your main screen. Choose Road of Strife in the lower left section of the screen. You can tap the photo below Double Mega Arena on the new screen. This should open the screen for the Doubles Arena. As soon as you click Find matches, it will put you on the queue, and the only way to cancel it is to click it again. You can no longer cancel it once it finds you a match.

Remember that the Doubles Arena has the same parameters as the Apex League; all players will have balanced stats. Any upgrades and enhancements on your character will not apply. The same applies to base stats, weapons stats, and relic stats. Also, any Resonances, Simulacrum traits, and Matrix effects on your weapons will be disabled. Healing will also be cut to 50% effectiveness, and the Jetboard relic is not allowed.

Just like the Apex League, the arena in Doubles Mega Arena will shrink. Players are given five minutes for the entire match. The battle arena shrinks every 75 seconds. If a player stays outside of the arena, that player will get a debuff causing their health bar to decrease gradually.


Tower of Fantasy Double Mega Arena
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

Increasing your chances of winning

Given that the match requires two players to go against the opposing duo, many factors will affect your team’s chances of winning. Players who prefer to enter a match randomly are likely to lose because of uncertainty about who their teammate would be.

If you are part of a Crew, ask a fellow crew member to assist you in completing the match. You have a better chance of winning if you know the person you are teaming up with instead of a random player. To join the event as a team of two players, simply join the team of your crewmate or friend by clicking their avatar, then choosing Join Team. Your crew mate or friend can also do this on your profile.

Once you have teamed up, check your weapons and equipment. Ideally, your team would have a tank or DPS and support. Make use of weapons that passively causes damage to your enemies, like the Electrodes of Venus (Nemesis), and pair that with a DPS like the Scythe of the Crow (King) or a tanky weapon like Rosy Edge (Meryl) or the Molten Shield V2 (Huma). This way, you have a balance of attacks and defense in your team.


Tower of Fantasy Apex Double Mega Arena Rewards
Credits: Hotta Studio, The Click

Rewards and where to exchange star grit

Winning the match will grant you and your partner 400-star grit each. The losing team will get 200-star grit.

Do not forget that there is a limit of a 1,200-star grit cap that players can obtain every day. This means that you can win the event three times before you reach the maximum number of star grit you are allowed to get for that day.

Make sure to access the Aidan Black Market to exchange your star grit. This event allowed players to farm star grit to exchange it for a new vehicle – the Mechbird. There are four parts of the Mechbird, each costing 1000 star grit. There are also other items in the shop that you can obtain in exchange for the star grit.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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