Steam: How to remove a game from your Steam Account

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Steam keys are often sold in bundles, but you may end up with a game you don’t like – here’s how to remove a game from your account.

How to remove a game from your Steam Account

As you might expect, you’ll first need to have your Steam client open to access your library. If it is already open, then great, head to your Games library.

Next, you’ll need to locate the game you plan to remove – in my case I’ll use Wildstar as an example, so I can just search the name in the search box to find it quickly. I haven’t played this in a long time and have no intention to do so again, so it makes sense to get rid of it at this stage.

Wildstar, to be removed from Steam account (removing a game)
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From here, right-click on the game entry in the left-hand side list, and hover over the manage option. This will create a small popout menu, including a “Remove from account” option.

That’s what we’re here for, so click on that one.

How to remove a game from your Steam account
Credit: The Click, Steam

You’ll then be prompted to confirm your decision with the warning that it will no longer be available in your library and game lists.

Be aware at this stage that if you’re not familiar with Steam yet, this is basically deleting your game license key. This is not removing the game from your computer so it can be installed again later, that would be uninstalling.

If uninstalling a game is what you’re looking for instead, we have a guide on how to uninstall Steam games here, which is what you should be looking at instead.

Remove a steam game confirmation
Credit: The Click, Steam

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With all of that said, confirm your decision and you’re now done, the game should be removed from your library basically immediately.

That’s all there is to removing a steam game from your account for good, so we’re about done with this guide at this stage.

If you’d like to see more content like this designed to help with Steam, check out our gaming guides section, and other similar content can also be found in our tech guides and right here on The Click.

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