Roblox: All Pop It Trading codes and how to use them (Updated January 2023)


Last Updated on: 16th January 2023, 08:43 pm

Do you love Pop-Its and other fidget toys like fidget spinners? If you do, Pop It Trading on Roblox is the game for you. In this game, you can collect and trade a variety of items, and if you get those items with the highest value in-game, you’ll surely be high up on the leaderboards!

Whether or not you’re new to the game, you can definitely use some freebies. The good thing is that we have gathered the game’s latest codes here for you.

Note that we update this article regularly. If there are any new codes, we’ll definitely put them up here. So, don’t forget to give us a visit from time to time. We’ll be happy to see you.

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List of all Pop It Trading codes

Below is a list of codes that will help you in Pop it Trading. Make sure you enter the codes exactly as they appear on the list because they can be case-sensitive.

Moreover, redeem these codes as fast as you can. You never know when they will expire, and you don’t want to miss out.

Credit: Roblox Corporation

Active codes

These codes are still valid. If one doesn’t work, we will make sure to update this article.

  • kawa11 – Redeem a Kawaii item
  • m3rry – Redeem a Christmas item
  • meoooow – Redeem a random Pet Party Item
  • thursday – Redeem a Wednesday Addams item
  • candy – redeem a Candy item
  • fifi – redeem a Soccer Ball item
  • yodome – redeem a Baby Yoda item
  • youspinme—redeem a Spinny Hat item
  • aredsword – redeem free sword
  • daegg – redeem alphabet egg toy
  • halloweenie – redeem Halloween toys
  • callmemaybe – redeem 3am toy
  • lachancla – redeem sandals toy
  • popit1year – redeem birthday hat
  • knockknock – redeem Eie item
  • whaaaaaa – redeem baby gato item
  • pepto – redeem pink sauce toy
  • lasagna – redeem rainbow toy
  • ****** – redeem Rainbow Friends toy
  • throne – redeem Toilet toy
  • 1337 – redeem free item
  • m0dn4r – redeem free item
  • madregate – redeem free item
  • juego – redeem controller toy
  • fotito – redeem Instagram toy
  • pájaro – redeem Twitter toy
  • 100k – redeem YouTube toy
  • gub – redeem free reward
  • cute – redeem bunny toy
  • Lightemup – redeem flamethrower toy
  • wth – redeem monster toy
  • pineapple – redeem pineapple toy
  • portal – redeem Portal toy
  • farmer – redeem Magic Seed
  • r41nb0w – redeem Rainbow toy
  • code – redeem free reward
  • upupup – redeem Ladder toy
  • 90sec – redeem Floppa toy
  • noclip – redeem backrooms
  • trippy – redeem illusion
  • naughtyornice – redeem Tommeh
  • kitty – redeem cat toy
  • popit! – redeem pop it toy
  • stuffi – redeem stuffed animal
  • armor? – redeem watermelon
  • sugar – redeem lollipop
  • cupid – redeem box of chocolates
  • no – redeem slendy note
  • tako – redeem slippy orange
  • Tony – redeem tiger
  • Loot – redeem loot box
  • buff – redeem barbell
  • 2022 – redeem sparkler
  • ice – redeem diamond
  • chance – redeem dice
  • juaniday2021 – redeem hot cocoa
  • sus – redeem Among Us toy
  • quidditch – redeem extinguisher
  • crystal – redeem crystal item
  • spooky21 – redeem spooky item
  • squid – redeem square guy
  • gummy – redeem gummy bear
  • eeek – redeem creepy item

Expired codes

The codes below are no longer active. We will make sure to update the article once some of the current active codes expire. 

  • inazuma – redeem lightning katana

How to use codes

To redeem your rewards, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Step on the white block that says Youtube codes.
  3. Type the code of your choice in the text box. Again, make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears on the list above.
  4. Click Go and enjoy!

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