Roblox: All Military Tycoon Codes and How to Use Them (Updated November 2022)

What if you’re the leader—a prime minister, a president, or a king—of a country? Will you be able to take over the world or defend your nation from enemies?

With Military Tycoon on Roblox, you can wage warfare and fight using your country’s military, helicopter, tanks, boats, and a lot more!

While that sounds fun in-game, we do NOT recommend that you randomly fight others. Remember to maintain goodwill with the people around you.

Nonetheless, we have gathered some codes for you to build and strengthen your military base, defend your country, and win battles.

Credit: Roblox

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List of All Military Tycoon Codes

Below is a list of codes that will give you a lot of credits and cash in Military Tycoon. Make sure you enter the codes as they are because they can be case-sensitive.

Moreover, redeem these codes as fast as you can. You never know when they will expire.

Active Codes

These codes are still valid. If one doesn’t work, we will make sure to update this article.

  • 3days – Redeem for 50k Cash 
  • 4days – Redeem for 50k Cash 
  • LT01 – Redeem for 250k Cash
  • PL01 – Redeem for Cash
  • patch22 – Redeem for 150k Cash
  • freecash – Redeem for 250k Cash
  • skins – Redeem for 500k Cash
  • weekday – Redeem for 500k Cash
  • goldcar – Redeem for 500k Cash
  • 780k – Redeem for 500k Cash
  • happysaturday – Redeem for 35 Gems
  • Hooray50k – Redeem for 300k Cash
  • ghostship – Redeem for 25 Diamonds
  • bugs – Redeem for 500k Credits
  • followers5k – Redeem for 100k Cash
  • 600klikes – Redeem for 50k Credits
  • 550klikes – Redeem for 50k Credits
  • newplane – Redeem for 50k Credits
  • f16 – Redeem for 50k Credits
  • hollidayu – Redeem for 50k Credits

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Expired Codes

Below are the codes that are no longer valid. We will make sure to update the article once some of the current active codes expire.

  • followers5k
  • 600klikes
  • 550klikes
  • newplane
  • f16
  • hollidayu
  • weakupdate
  • missiletruck
  • 110mvis
  • 300klikes
  • battleship
  • 100mvis
  • FlyingFortress
  • 250klikes
  • 500kfavs
  • 1mmembers
  • 90mvis
  • 200klikes
  • 70mvis
  • 80mvis
  • Cash
  • Halloween
  • Military2022!
  • WorldWar

How to Use Codes

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Click the Thumbs Up button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Type in the code of your choice. Again, make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  4. Confirm to receive your rewards.

Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system. Released in 2006, it allows users to create games for others to play and/or play games created by others.

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