Roblox: All Daybreak codes and how to use them (Updated November 2022)

Roblox Daybreak

Daybreak is a Roblox experience where you can either be a ruthless hunter or a team-oriented survivor. Do you have what it takes to get rid of everyone without getting outsmarted or caught? Will you survive a massacre? Or will you act like a scaredy-cat?

Well, who doesn’t love a good thriller? And who doesn’t love freebies while watching or playing it? Yup, you read that right. We have gathered codes for you. However, take note that we update this article regularly. If there are any new codes, we’ll definitely put them up here. So, don’t forget to visit us from time to time. We’ll be happy to see you.

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List of all Daybreak codes

Below is a list of codes that will help you in Daybreak. Make sure you enter the codes exactly as they appear on the list because they can be case-sensitive.

Moreover, redeem these codes as fast as you can. You never know when they will expire, and you don’t want to miss out.

Roblox daybreak Codes
Credit: Roblox

Active codes

These codes are still valid. If one doesn’t work, we will make sure to update this article. 

  • POTATO – Redeem Player card bonus roll
  • SKYLER – Redeem 160 gems and 1600 coins
  • COMMUNITY – Redeem 3200 coins, Cool Winter Dakari, Cool Winter Sarah, Cool Winter Elijah, Cool Winter Saadiya, Cool Winter Kyle, Cool Winter P3-NG (Cyborg), Cool Winter Taliyah (Stalker)
  • 1KMEMBERS – Redeem 320 gems, 3200 coins, Pink Hoodie Adriana, Calm Days Iris, Game Finale Nathan, Game Finale Jun
  • COOLSKINS – Redeem 120 gems and 1200 coins
  • ANIMALPALS – Redeem free rewards
  • QIYUE – Redeem Qiyue Mamo
  • JMT – Redeem JMT Idol
  • Dogu15 – Redeem free rewards
  • dilf – Redeem 320 gems

Expired codes

There are currently no expired codes. However, if any of the current ones expire, we will make sure to update this article.

How to redeem codes

To redeem codes for Daybreak, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Press M to access the Menu.
  3. Type the code of your choice into a text box in the codes section. Again, make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears on the active codes list above.
  4. Enter and enjoy!

Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system. Released in 2006, it allows users to create games for others to play and/or play games created by others.

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