5 valuable Gadget tricks in Rainbow Six Siege

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How can one call themselves a gaming enthusiast if they have not played one of the most influential FPS games in the last decade? Yes, we are talking about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which, even years after its release, still continues to add new players every day. It only goes to show how popular this game has been.

Several things make this game stand out from the rest of the field. And one among them is the incredible number of playable characters, each with unique gadgets that make them stand out.

There are many tools that you can use to improve at Rainbow Six Siege. We recommend that if you utilize them to do so as offline practice to improve your skills, knowledge, and mechanics before jumping into competitive matches. This will also minimize the risk of being penalized and keep competitive integrity.

Be smart while using the camera as Valkyrie

Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie
Credit: Ubisoft

Valkyrie is one of the recon characters you can play in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. She has many unique abilities that make her an attractive proposition for players with a more tactical playing style.

She also has Black Eye cams that even involve deceased players in the game, giving them something to do and supporting their team to victory. However, the placement of these cameras is a tricky situation.

When you play against experienced players, you can be sure they will be on the lookout for cameras hidden in prominent places. Hence the need for the Valkyrie player to be smart about placement. Avoid predictable bends and look for locations that are below eye levels. This will undoubtedly make it harder for opponents to spot Black Eye cams.

Defeat Roamers using Jackal & Lion

Rainbow Six Siege Jackal
Credit: Ubisoft

Have you been fed up with roamers in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege? Well, now you can easily take them out using the highly effective Lion and Jackal combination.

A common mistake many players of Rainbow Six Siege make is assuming they can only use one gadget at a time. Quite the contrary is true. And this is something you can take advantage of to take out roamers in the game.

The Lion can trace the enemy’s current whereabouts, whereas the Jackal determines whether they are motionless or not. Together they are an unstoppable machine.


Tricking Bandit

Rainbow Six Siege Bandit
Credit: Ubisoft

Bandit is a pretty useful character in Rainbow Six Siege, so it is not a surprise that this operator has a high adaptation in the game. It plays the role of both attackers and defenders and utilizes its abilities to gain an advantage over the attacker.

The closer one is to Bandit, the more likelihood of them getting caught up in one of its tricks, be it an electrified wall or its ability to zap enemy devices to death.

But one way a player can survive the Bandit’s onslaught is by using Thatcher’s EMP grenades. These EMP grenades would destroy the Bandit’s battery, simply making the operator useless for a while.

Clash Reduction

Rainbow Six Siege Clash
Credit: Ubisoft

Clash is another handy operator in the game, and the combat against her is even more challenging if the opposing player is skilled. The biggest advantage this operator has is her shield.

Not only this shield protects the character from any damage, but it also allows her to navigate the map and assist her companions. So as one can understand, taking a skilled clash player out is exceptionally challenging.

However, there is one character that can give Clash a run for her money, and that is Zofia. Zofia has three concussion grenades that will force Clash to abandon her shield, giving the teammates enough opportunity to take Clash out.

Remember, Zofia cannot take out Clash on her own as the opportunity would be too brief, requiring players to team up to have any chance of success.


Rainbow Six Siege Dokkaebi
Credit: Ubisoft

Taking out defenders can be difficult in Rainbow Six Siege. Not only do they have an excellent defence, but they can easily camp at a location, forcing the opposing players to take unnecessary risks in trying to take them out. However, the tricky part is still locating them.

But with Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb, players can get an accurate defender’s position. This ability must be used with IQ, as it can see phones through the walls and easily spot enemy locations. But it would only work if every team member has turned their phone off during the use of Logic Bomb, as IQ would not be able to distinguish between teammates’ phones or the enemy’s devices.

So, these are the valuable gadget tricks in Rainbow Six Siege. Make sure to use these tricks to improve your gameplay. 


Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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