Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know about Glow Squids


Have you ever swam in the ocean in Minecraft and thought to yourself, “It’s a little dark and gloomy down here?” Well think no more because Microsoft is adding a new mob that might brighten up the deep dark depths just a bit, and I’m here to tell you about everything I can find that’s related to Minecraft Glow Squids!

Lately Minecraft has been adding lots of mobs that have their counterparts in real life (Such as bees, cod, turtles, etc.,) but if you were expecting another life-like animal to make it’s way in the game, you’re in for a surprise.

Credit: Gamepur

The Glow Squid was added in 2021’s Snapshot 21w03a which has been out for a bit now, and has been updated to the 21w06a Snapshot. The 21w06a Snapshot is mostly changes to cave generation, but we’re talking about Minecraft Glow Squids at the moment. Maybe another time.

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While there’s debate on whether or not the Glow Squid is based on either the Firefly Squid, or the Vampire Squid, both deep sea life, there is little doubt in my mind that there’s nothing nothing more than a vague glowy resemblance.

Glow Squids are just like regular squids in almost all ways behaviorally (I know, who could have guessed?) For example, they have the same swimming animation while aimlessly dragging through the water much like regular squids do. One small difference is they drop small particles behind them as they swim.

The exceptions to their behavior start whenever they’re attacked however. Once attacked they stop glowing and start swimming away much faster than your standard non-glowy squid ever could, but if you manage to kill it, you might get 1-3 glow ink sacs.

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Now you might be thinking, “Andrew, what’s so special about the glow ink sac?” To that I say, not much. There are some cool things you can do with them but it’s all aesthetic as of right now. You can use them to make glowing item frames, or make text on a sign glow at night.

Glow Ink Sac (Credit: Gamepedia)

Like I said, not very special, but think of all the fun you can have being able to make signs that are readable at a distance at night! In a normal game, again, probably pretty limited, but what’s Minecraft for if not to break into people’s creativity and find a niche and interesting way to use something that seems trivial.

These Glow Squids were added in because of a contest run on Twitter by the official Minecraft twitter account. The other contestants were the Moobloom, and the Iceologer taking 28.3% and 34.8% of the votes respectively with the remaining 36.9% going to the Glow Squid.

While the Glow Squid won, there’s a lot of arguing going on over whether or not it’s victory is just, or if the popular Minecraft content creator “Dream” for encouraging his audience to vote for Glow Squid in the Twitter poll. The first of two examples of him brigading for the Glow Squid in the poll was Dream replying to the poll saying “Glow Squid” twenty-two times.

Screenshots of Dream tweets about Minecraft Glow Squids
Credit: Twitter

Here’s another example with Dream tweeting out “Vote g l o w s q u i d $MinecraftLive” and even gets the attention of another popular creator by the Twitter handle of “CallMeCarsonYT”

Screenshots of Dream tweets about Minecraft Glow Squids
Credit: Twitter

Whether or not Dream’s action had caused the other two contestants to miss out on a chance to be added into the game can’t be precise considering how close the poll really was between the three, but it’s certainly worth mentioning.

If you’re interested in joining the most recent step in Minecraft’s long 11, almost 12 year long journey from it’s original release as an indie 3D building block game, it’s fairly simple. To start, you need to open up the Minecraft launcher and open up the installations tab.

Click the “Installations” tab indicated by the red circle above

For the second step, all you need to do is make sure the check box to the left of “Snapshots” is green with a check mark

Make sure the box in the red circle is checked

When checked you should see “Latest snapshot” “21w06a” at the bottom of the list of installed versions. From here, you just hit the “Play” tab to the left of “Installations”, and there’ll be a drop box to the left of the big green “Play” button that lets you select what version of the game you want to play.


From here, all you need to do is select the snapshot, hit play, and wait for it to launch. Be careful and make backups on any world you don’t want to lose as using a snapshot can corrupt your save files, and enjoy testing the waters on what you can do with the addition of Glow Squids!

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