Maneater: How to open the large region gates

Maneater how to open gates, gate opened

Last Updated on: 5th October 2021, 03:51 pm

If you’ve been playing Maneater lately, there’s a good chance you’ve swum right into these, and been left thinking how to open region gates?

The good news is the answer is a very easy one to explain, so let’s go straight into it.

How to open region gates in Maneater

To start with, you’ll need a region gate to open – naturally. If you’ve found one but can’t remember where exactly it was, the good news is that they are marked out on the map for you in Maneater, so finding region gates isn’t an issue you’ll need to deal with.

Now that we’ve got a region gate to open, we’ll need something to open it with.

You'll need to start by finding a region gate in Maneater before we can answer how to open them
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

Our bull shark seems unable to actually hit the button even if you can jump up next to it and bite, or tail slap it yourself – believe me, I tried – so you’ll need some kind of throwing projectile.

Fortunately, there are often humans or large fish nearby these gates. Just make sure to let your current threat level drop off if you can’t find anything there at the gate, the alert for a shark might have scared off the locals in that case. Waiting in any of the grottos will probably be all you need to do to force it to disappear regardless.

In any case, now that we have a volunteer, grab them by attacking with a bite. Remember that some things might not survive you biting them based on their total HP, which you can usually guess by their level.

With that in mind, level 7 or higher fish seemed to be about the point where things didn’t die to my Elder tier shark bite in Maneater, so if you’re having trouble grabbing anything, focus on level 7 and higher. Alternatively, you can “borrow” a human, as they typically survive the first bite, demonstrated here.

When you’ve discovered something strong enough to survive your teeth, look up towards the button and hit the right click to use tail-slap to launch your chosen “projectile” at the button – if you hit, you should get a damage number as shown here.

After you successfully commit this act of Shark-powered projectile-based violence against that innocent button, you should be met with the gate opening shortly thereafter. Congratulations, you’ve officially gotten how to open gates in Maneater down.

Maneater how to open gates, gate opened
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

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Anything else to mention?

One less human-made obstacle getting in the way of our Bull Shark with that gate opened – there aren’t exactly a lot of these in the game, but they do make it easier to get around when opened, so it is worth knowing how to open the region gates in Maneater.

It just so happens to be one of those obstacles with a very simple solution that seems like it’s too obvious for you to try immediately.

Either way, that really is just about everything there is to know about this how to open the region gates in this Shark simulator survival game, Maneater. If you’d like more gaming guide articles, you can find those right here on The Click, and if you’d be interested in more by me, you can find my author page here.