Genshin Impact: Which boss do you need to farm Ayaka materials?

Genshin Impact - Which boss do you need to farm Ayaka materials

The 5-star Cryo character Ayaka is back in Genshin Impact 3.5 Phase 2! One of the best DPS characters in-game, Ayaka has a default outfit with an armor-coated skirt that is said to display the “nobility and resilience of the Shirasagi Himegimi.”

This Cryo character exudes elegance as a noble and strength as a skilled swordswoman. However, just like every character in Genshin Impact, you will need to farm for Ayaka’s ascension materials to make her stronger. This leads to the question: Which boss do you need to farm Ayaka materials?

Among the many bosses in the game, Ayaka’s boss-dropped ascension material comes from the Perpetual Mechanical Array. This article will discuss everything you need to know to obtain the boss-dropped Ayaka materials! For a complete list of her ascension materials, be sure to check out our Ayaka Ascension Materials and Location Guide here.

Where is the Perpetual Mechanical Array?

Ayaka needs the Perpetual Mechanical Array‘s drop called Perpetual Heart for ascension. As for its location, the Perpetual Mechanical Array can be found in the northern part of Narukami Island in Inazuma, as shown in the map below. However, note that this is an underwater area.

Genshin Impact - Which boss do you need to farm Ayaka materials - Perpetual Mechanical Array Location on the map
Credit: HoYoverse/TheClick.GG

A nearby waypoint and a Domain leading to the Perpetual Mechanical Array can be unlocked by completing the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quests. If you haven’t done this series of quests yet, the easy way to reach the Normal Boss and get the Ayaka material that you need is through the portal in Jinren Island. To reach the portal, you can use the Thunder Sakura Bough directly below it.


How to beat the Perpetual Mechanical Array and obtain Ayaka materials?

Like most Normal Bosses in Genshin Impact, the Perpetual Mechanical Array is relatively easy to defeat unless your characters are under-leveled for your current World Level. Getting some Ayaka materials is, therefore, pretty easy to do.

This Normal Boss marks the ground with a red circle, which means that there is an upcoming attack on that specified area. Dodging this type of attack is not difficult to do, especially if you have fast-moving characters like Mona, Yelan, or Ayaka herself. Characters with decent shields can also withstand this.

Genshin Impact - Which boss do you need to farm Ayaka materials - Perpetual Mechanical Array - Ruin Sentinel
Credit: HoYoverse, TheClick.GG

At some point, the Perpetual Mechanical Array will enter a defensive mode, wherein you won’t be able to deal any damage to it. Additionally, the Normal Boss will summon Ruin Sentinels during this phase. What you need to do is defeat the Ruin Sentinel with the health bar (please see the above image). Doing so will incapacitate the other Ruin Sentinels as well as the Normal Boss itself, allowing you to hit it with all you got.


Once the Perpetual Mechanical Array is defeated, you can claim some Ayaka materials at the Cost of Original Resin x40.

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