Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains Quest Guide (Six Lost Offerings Locations)

The Millennial Mountains is a quest that requires you to collect six offerings and place them before a memorial. 

While this sounds easy to do, the search for these offerings may be a little difficult that even Wang, the NPC you need to talk to for this quest, was not sure if the offerings could really be found in The Chasm or were simply made up. 

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But, we’re happy to tell you that you can find all six offerings in The Chasm. In fact, we have marked them on the map. Each number represents an offering and the details are indicated below the map.

The Millennial Mountains: Offerings Locations

The Millennial Mountains: Offerings Locations
Credit: HoYoverse

1. Cup of Commons  

You need to complete the Undetected Infiltration world quest, and a precious chest will spawn in the marked area. Obtain The Cup of Commons from this precious chest. 

2. Flower of Farsight 

Go to The Chasm Statue of the Seven. From there, head to the peak of the mountain at the area marked on the map. You will find the Flower of Farsight next to an NPC named Tang Wuchou

3. Helm Of Warding 

At the house north of the starting location of the quest, you will find a Seelie. Chase it until you reach the Seelie Court

Head to the next room and burn the hay. This will reveal a hole. Investigate it to obtain the Helm of Warding

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4. Skyfeather 

Look for a pillar at the highest point of the mountain in the area marked on the map. Here you will find a nest. Investigate the nest to obtain the Skyfeather

5. Sundial Of Ages 

At the marked location on the map, you will find items on a table. Investigate the table to obtain the Sundial of Ages. 

6. Warrior’s Spear 

Climb up the cliff to reach the area marked on the map. You will find the Warrior’s Spear here. 

Completing the Millennial Mountains Quest

After gathering all 6 offerings, go back to Wang and offer the items before the memorial. A Luxurious Chest (Millelith’s Treasure) will spawn. Collect the treasure to unlock The Millelith Shall Never be Moved achievement. Then, talk to Wang to complete the quest.


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