Valorant: New Agent Neon has been revealed

Neon Agent Splash

After weeks of leaks about the new Valorant agent, Neon was revealed today via the Valorant official YouTube channel. What was already known about her was that she had a rivalry with Jett, she was from the Philippines, and that she used lightning, but other than that she had a lot of unknowns.

After the reveal today, her role seems similar to that of Jett, where she’s an entry duelist that benefits from high-skill expression. Either her first ability or her passive gives her a boost to movement speed where she can make quick and early picks, or flank the enemy without at an unparalleled speed.

Neon Second Ability
Credit: Riot Games

Her second ability is some king of area denial, where she shoots something on the ground, similar to a Kay0 grenade, and it disrupts the enemy that stands or walks over it when it detonates. This ability also seems to bounce off one wall before it attaches to the ground, and the detonation itself is timed.

Neon Third Ability
Credit: Riot Games

Neon’s third ability is similar to Phoenix’s walls, but instead of one wall of flame that can be bent around a corner, she shoots two walls of electricity straight out in a parallel line. She’s able to slide in and out of the walls, again similar to Phoenix, but what is unknown is if the walls will damage allies moving in and out of the walls themselves.

Finally her ultimate is similar to the gun that Winston uses in Overwatch, but instead of shooting electricity out of a gun, she shoots it out of her finger. It’s not known yet if there’s any aim that is needed to kill the enemy, or if it is a point and shoot ultimate, but the range seems short and the use of it could put her in danger.

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All Valorant fans may expect to see Neon in action on January 11th, 2022 at the beginning of the new act, but the release date has not been confirmed by Riot Games yet, so keep your eyes out for any official release date.

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