Valheim: How to Tame Boar Guide

Wild boar in Valheim

Tame boar is something that can be very beneficial to you in Valheim and can provide you with multiple resources. By taming boar, you can then breed them and make even more boar, which can allow you to obtain tons of raw meat and leather scraps from the comfort of your home/shack/whatever you may have.

If you are looking to add a tame boar to your farm in Valheim, then this guide will help you do just that. You can also take a look at our many other Valheim guides here for your next project.

What You Need to Tame Boar

Wild boar in Valheim
Credit: Valheim Wiki

In order to tame your first boar in Valheim, you will need a few things to do so.

  • Roundpole fence to build a pen to trap boar in
  • Food to tame the boar, including mushrooms, berries, carrots, blueberries, and turnips
  • A boar, or multiple boars if you are wanting to breed

If you do not already have a fence made, you will need a workbench to do so. Making a roundpole fence only requires you to have wood, and from there you can make as many pieces of the fence as you want to make a pen.

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Trapping Boar In a Pen

Roundpole fence in Valheim for boar
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Once you have crafted your roundpole fence and obtained food for taming boar, you will want to build your pen using roundpole fence in order to trap the boar inside and prevent it from escaping during the taming process.

When building your pen, you will want to make sure it is big enough to fit a few animals inside as it will make it easier for future breeding.

You will also want to make sure this pen has a small opening big enough for both you and a boar to get through, as this will be your way of getting them inside before you close it off.

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Now that you have built your pen, it’s time to go looking for a few boar you can capture and keep. Boar can be found in the Meadows Biome, so you should start your search there.

Once you have found a boar, a red exclamation point will appear above it when it has spotted you, and then will start to rush towards you. This is your chance to guide it to the pen as you run away, eventually trapping it inside by taking out your crafting hammer to close the opening in the fence behind you and the boar. You can then proceed to jump out of the pen and leave the boar inside.

Taming and Breeding Boar

Taming boar in Valheim
Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Before you go about taming the boar you just caught, I would recommend grabbing another one in order to encourage breeding. You can always wait and tame the first boar and then grab another, as well.

In order to tame boar, you will need to give it time and feed it quite a bit. In order to feed them, you will want to make sure you do not aggravate the boar or else it will avoid eating.

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Keep in mind that the food a boar will eat includes mushrooms, berries, carrots, blueberries, and turnips, so make sure you have these on hand to throw into the pen to feed the boar.

Once the boar is calm and you have thrown food into the pen for them, they will begin to eat and some yellow hearts will appear above them. You will need to keep feeding them until they reach 100% in terms of acclimation and then they will become tame. You can also eventually make them docile and pet them, but remember that you will eventually slaughter them for leather scraps and meat (so don’t get too attached).

Breeding boar in Valheim
Credit: GameSpot

As for breeding boar, it is relatively easy once you have already tamed a few. You will just want to make sure that you have tamed at least two in the same pen and you will need to make sure they aren’t hungry. Once they are fed and fully tamed, they will begin to mate and you will see some pink hearts above them, and then not too long after a baby pig will appear.

And from there, the baby pig will eventually grow up and you will end up having a lot of boar in no time! Make sure you eventually reinforce your pen, as the boar can break through it if they are aggravated. Otherwise, get out there in Valheim and tame boar so you can load up on leather scraps and meat!

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