Is Valheim on Nintendo Switch?

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The extent to which Valheim has exploded in the past two weeks almost seems commonplace now with the past year’s hype trains of Fall Guys, Among Us, and Rust, but its rise is still incredible. With its highs of 350,000+ concurrent players on Steam, some are wondering what the odds are of a Valheim release on Nintendo Switch, as well as other consoles for that matter.

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For those uninitiated, Valheim is a new Early Access game released on Steam that sets you in an open world similarly to Rust, but has a focus on Vikings and their lore. Drop in the world with nothing but the clothes on your back and scavenge the land for resources to build bases and fight the monsters that inhabit the world.

Valheim for Consoles
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According to Valheim’s FAQ, the game is set to be released for Windows and Linus on Steam, with potential for a Mac version with suitable demand and a short blurb stating console versions aren’t on the table yet.

However, we have seen games that experience a huge jump in popularity make its way to new platforms years down the line. Rust, released in 2013 as an Early Access game, is making its way to PS4 and Xbox One in 2021, and Among Us of 2018 recently received a Switch port. I think its safe to say that console versions will happen one day, but Valheim for Nintendo Switch may be… less likely.

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If we were to see console versions of Valheim, it would likely be after the game is fully completed, and that could be somewhat into the life of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. By that point, I think it’d be unlikely for a Switch port to happen already due to it being years down the line, but Rust also having no word of coming to the Nintendo platform.

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