Roblox: Are Bloxflip Promo codes legit?

Roblox Bloxflip Promo Codes

If you’ve wanted to get your hands on some free Robux for your Roblox account, you have most likely come across Bloxflip, a site advertised as the first “Roblox Casino.”

However, you must have wondered if the site does actually let you win some Robux or if it’s affiliated with Roblox at all. Is it safe to log in using your account? Are you not breaking any rules while playing on Bloxflip?

Whatever your questions, you have every right to be curious or even cautious, and we’re glad you found this article. Here’s everything that we know and think.

What is Bloxflip?

As mentioned earlier, Bloxflip is the first “Roblox Casino.” However, this isn’t simply one of the many games incorporating the gacha system on Roblox. Bloxflip is an entirely different site with different games that make you bet using your Robux. Just like in any casino, you can get a chance, albeit a small one, at winning back the Robux you wagered or even more—that is if you’re lucky.

Here, you can play games such as Crash, Cases, Mines, Towers, Cups, and Jackpot.


What are the dangers of playing on Bloxflip?

While it’s fun to try your luck, we do not necessarily recommend that you play on the site. This is because of the following reasons:

FIRST, Bloxflip is not affiliated with Roblox at all. This is stated in the site’s disclaimer, which goes:

“STUDS ENTERTAINMENT LTD is not affiliated, associated, or partnered with Roblox Corporation in any way. We are not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Roblox. We are an independent skins betting site. All Roblox trademarks remain the property of the Roblox Corporation. The Robux and Roblox skins used on the site are legitimate, unchanged Robux and Roblox skins.”

Roblox - Bloxflip - Disclaimer
Credit: Bloxflip

SECOND, playing on the site is considered gambling which is against the Roblox Community Standards.

Gambling on Roblox is only allowed if it doesn’t involve real money or Robux (also purchasable with real money). This particular section on the guidelines goes:

“Except where prohibited by local law or regulation, we allow the portrayal of gambling in experiences, no real money, Robux, or anything that can become real money or Robux, may be exchanged in these experiences. We also require that the odds of winning be fair and not skewed in the developer’s favor.”

Bloxflip is independent of Roblox and should not be under the Roblox Community Standards. Still, the site is using the name Roblox. Moreover, according to Brian Dean of Backlinko, 67% of Roblox users are under 16, which brings us to our last reason.

THIRD, in most countries, it is illegal for individuals under 18 to engage in gambling without parental consent.

Playing on Bloxflip is basically gambling, and since minors dominate the population of Roblox according to statistics, there’s also a high chance that most participants in the Bloxflip games are under 18.

Bloxflip does specify that you should be at least 18 years of age before participating. Still, since this is basically an online gambling site, there is no guarantee that children won’t be able to pass through the “casino’s” entrance.

Roblox Bloxflip Log in
Credit: Bloxflip


Final Thoughts

Before participating in the Bloxflip games, the site requires you to log in using your Roblox account. While the site assures you that everything is secured and that your credentials won’t be used without your permission, Roblox is not affiliated with it and that is enough reason for you to think twice.

If you have already participated in one of the site’s games and now believe you made a bad decision, you need to change your credentials as soon as possible.

If you’re still going to try Bloxflip after reading this article, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

To answer the title of this article, the word “legit” is defined as “conforming to the rules” or “legal.” So, are Bloxflip Promo codes legit?

In the first place, these “Promo Codes” do not currently exist. You only have a chance of getting some Robux if you play the games. So, let’s ask this question instead: Is Bloxflip legit? Because of the fact that minors are most likely the ones playing on the gambling site, our answer is no.

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