Pokemon spin-off games – 3 of the worst out there

Pokemon spin-off

Pokemon certainly has had its fair share of quality Pokemon spin-off games, unfortunately, though, Pokemon isn’t always safe from releasing unpopular games.

From it’s starting days back in 1996, Pokemon has grown from strength to strength, but that doesn’t mean they’ve always done it right!

This list will give you some of the Pokemon spin-off series that you should probably avoid. That being said, luckily there are many other Pokemon games for you to enjoy if you decide to avoid these ones. Let’s take a look below and count down the 3 worst Pokemon spin-off games!

Pokemon spin-off games: Number 3 – Pokemon Trozei Series

Pokemon spin-off game
Credit: Nintendo

Maybe I am a little biased with this one as I normally hate puzzle games, but the Pokemon Trozei series doesn’t really offer anything new.

The series is similar to Tetris or Candy Crush in that you match blocks to complete levels. In this game, you will need to match four of the same Pokemon for the blocks to disappear.

Nothing about this series is that offensive, but nothing about it is memorable, either. There are so many puzzle games and it doesn’t add anything new to the mix. If you like puzzle games, you can give it a try, but there are so many free app puzzle games that you can get on your phone instead of spending money on this old DS game.

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A game that might be more worth your time that you can pick up on your Nintendo Switch for free is Pokemon Cafe Mix. The game has a cool spin to it, in that you work at a cafe and make orders for Pokemon by mixing ingredients.

Pokemon spin-off games Number 2 – Pokemon Rumble Series

Credit: Nintendo

The Pokemon Rumble series has been going on since 2009, with the first installment on Wii. The series is an action beat ’em up, but nothing about it really screams ‘action’.

The gameplay for Pokemon Rumble is pretty repetitive and consists mostly of the player just running around and beating up other ‘Toy’ Pokemon to later add to your team.

Not only is the gameplay repetitive, but the stages offered in Pokemon Rumble are often reused and don’t add much to the game. The environments feel the same, and you will most likely get bored and move on from Pokemon Rumble pretty quickly.

It might be a good series for a couple of hours of play, but after that, it’s a game that loses its attractiveness very quickly. There are more exciting Pokemon games out there that give you more action than the Pokemon Rumble series ever has.

And in the first place of the worst Pokemon spin-off games…

Credit: Nintendo

Luckily, this one isn’t a series and only consists of one game. This is most likely due to the fact that Pokemon Dash was widely disliked, so they knew it wasn’t worth it to make any sequels.

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In Pokemon Dash, you play as Pikachu and work to either race against other Pokemon or participate in time trials. There isn’t much more to it than that.

The controls are a bit awkward as well, with Pikachu being controlled using the stylus and sliding it across the screen during a race. It’s safe to say the game is quite forgettable and overall lacking in any creativity or draw.

The only thing about Pokemon Dash that might catch some fans’ attention is the fact that you could put any main series Pokemon game into the GameBoy slot of your DS, and from there you can select a Pokemon whose Pokemon Emerald sprite becomes a new map.

Other than that, Pokemon Dash is one of the worst Pokemon spin-off games that wanted to be like Mario Kart but failed. Unfortunately, Pikachu won’t be getting its time in the racing spotlight anytime soon.

And there we have it! Our run down of the top 3 worst Pokemon spin-off games. Do you agree? Be sure to drop a comment below here at The Click!

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