Totally rad Pokemon that evolved from holding an item

Pokemon Weavile

Pokemon evolution is a mysterious and exciting thing that drew many players to the franchise in the first place! Pokemon evolve in a variety of ways from just levelling up to holding your DS upside down at the right moment. There are some Pokemon that evolved while holding an item of some kind and meeting certain criteria while doing so.

These Pokemon are often a little stronger or more interesting than other Pokemon of similar base stat totals, but some are definitely worth putting the effort in! Here are some awesome Pokemon that evolved while holding an item.


Pokemon Gold & Silver may not be the biggest Pokemon game as far as new content is concerned, however, they did expand upon much of the strengths from the original games. There were many ways that this was made the case including by the addition of many new evolutions for Pokemon from the first games.

Pokemon Scizor
Credit: Pokemon Media Company

One of which was Scizor, a sick Steel-type that evolves from Scyther holding a Metal Coat. Scizor’s awesome Steel typing gives it some nice resistances, and its insane 130 base attack is nothing to scoff at! Not to mention its powerhouse Mega-evolution.


The concept of a flying scorpion is one that is beyond horrifying, but Gliscor, the Fang-Scorp Pokemon, still manages to have a special place on a variety of Pokemon teams. Gliscor evolves from Gligar holding the item Razor-Fang and is a Ground/Flying-type Pokemon giving it very few weaknesses.

Pokemon Gliscor
Credit: Pokemon Media Company

While this Pokemon’s awesome design is more than enough to take it far in any popularity poll, its surprising bulk, decent moves, and variety of useful abilities are really what makes Gliscor shine. This sharp and versatile Pokemon is an excellent addition to any team.

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Any Pokemon named Slowpoke probably isn’t something that you would think is very suited for the “sex, drugs, & rock ‘n roll” lifestyle of a Pokemon Trainer. However, if this Pokemon is traded while holding King’s Rock it becomes one of the best among all the Pokemon that evolved while holding an item.

Pokemon Slowking
Credit: Pokemon Media Company

Slowking has one of the best dual-typings in Water/Psychic and has plenty of bulk as a special wall to make use of it. Slowking’s high utility and defences make it a staple on many teams.

Slowking even has a Poison/Psychic Galarian form that, while slightly more focused on aggression, still retains much of the same strengths of its Kantonian version.


The waters of the Pokemon world are full of an insane variety of Pokemon, and as the most plentiful type, is one of the few typings to have a Pokemon for every one of its possible type combinations.

Pokemon Kingdra
Credit: Pokemon Media Company

It should be no surprise to see some Water Pokemon that evolve while holding an item. The Pokemon Seadra becomes the lethal Kingdra when traded while holding a Dragon Scale.

At first glance Kingdra’s balanced stat spread makes it appear to be a relatively lacklustre Pokemon. However, its ability Swift Swim makes it a speedy Special Attacking monster in the rain, and a potent user of Choice Specs.

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Kingdra’s typing also gives it access to a variety of powerful STAB moves including Hydro Pump and Draco-Meteor. This Pokemon may need a little bit of setting up, but Kingdra is an awesome offensive option on any rain team.


Ice-type Pokemon often get the short end of the stick. While Ice is strong against many different Pokemon types, it’s also weak against just as many types. This leaves Ice-types in a poor position usually since they are more likely to take more damage than other types.

Pokemon Weavile
Credit: Pokemon Media Company

Weavile (which evolves from Sneasel holding a Grip Claw), is one of the few Ice-type Pokemon that are able to overcome this weakness.

Most Ice-types are only able to take a couple of hits before going down, but Weavile’s blinding 125 base speed and 120 base attack means that Weavile is going to outspeed almost any other threat, and Weavile is going to hit it hard when it does.

Not to mention its amazing offensive dual-typing of Dark/Ice means that its already strong coverage will benefit from STAB as well! Weavile’s defences may be lacking, but you know what they say about the best defense.

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