Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to ride Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Wrydeer

Game Freak’s new Pokemon game is bringing the Sinnoh Region to us in a whole new way. Before Jubilife City, before the Elite Four, before a map littered with Routes, there was the Hisui Region. This open wilderness is the setting for Pokemon Legends Arceus and there’s going to be a lot of it to explore. If you want to make getting around a little easier, you might want to know how you can ride certain Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Here’s what we know so far…

How to ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you want to ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’re going to need to get your hands on the Celestica Flute. This is an item we’re expecting you to gain access to early in the game as it appears to be a key item to exploration and traversal.

At the moment, we don’t know how you get this item specifically – however, the game itself is almost out and we should find out soon.

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Here’s what we know about it so far…

” During your adventure, you’ll receive a Celestica Flute. You can play the flute to summon special Pokémon that will let you ride them. Riding these Pokémon on land, across water, or even through the skies will help you more freely explore the Hisui region.”

Pokemon Legend Arceus Celestica Flute
Credit: Nintendo

Every Pokemon you can ride in Pokemon Legends Arceus

At the moment, the official Pokemon Legends Arceus website has shared the following Pokemon…

  • Wyrdeer
    • ” Wyrdeer has powerful, sturdy legs, and riding it will allow you to gallop across the land at great speed. By having Wyrdeer dash forward, you’ll be able to give yourself an even greater speed boost. You can also have it jump to leap over obstacles.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Ride Wyrdeer
Credit: Nintendo

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  • Basculegion
    • ” Basculegion will be a powerful ally when it comes to completing your Pokédex, as it can carry you across bodies of water. Basculegion is also able to launch itself from the water’s surface, letting you leap effortlessly over obstacles in your way.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Ride Basculegion
Credit: Nintendo
  • Hisuian Braviary
    • ” Hisuian Braviary will let you soar through the skies, flying with ease across great chasms and expanding the ways you can travel and explore the region. From your vantage point in the air, you’ll have a great view of what kinds of Pokémon and items might be below, which will aid you on your surveys.
Pokemon Legends Arceus Ride Husian Bravairy
Credit: Nintendo

With this list in mind, we’re expecting all the larger Pokemon to offer some kind of riding features. However, we won’t know for sure just yet.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is available on January 28th as a Nintendo Switch exclusive – we will keep this article updated with the latest information when it becomes available.

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