Pokemon Go Raid Hours: How to get Therian Thundurus

Anime scene involving Therian Thundurus (Pokemon Go Therian Thundurus)

Pokemon Go is adding Therian Thundurus very soon, and due to this, we can even expect him to be present for upcoming raid hours.

If you want a chance to capture your very own Therian Thundurus in Pokemon Go as fast as possible, attending these raid hours will be a great start.

When are the raid hours taking place?

Pokemon Go’s raid hours are fixed events that occur weekly, the raid target, or boss – in this case Therian Thundurus – is all that changes.

Curiously he is expected to be around for two sets of raid hours as opposed to the usual one set, though as he is being newly added to the game this may be a trend that continues for the rest of the Therian Formes.

The first raid hour featuring Therian Thundurus starts on the 17th of March, at 6:00 PM local time, and ends an hour later.

The second raid hour will start exactly one week later, on March 24th, at 6:00 PM local time and will again end an hour later.

The Therian Forme of the Pokemon Thundurus
Therian Thundurus, Credit: Bulbapedia

If you are interested in upcoming future raid hours, visit the link below where we keep track of all this month’s upcoming raid hours right here on The Click.

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Fighting Therian Thundurus

What moves can he use?

As far as we know right now, the set of moves and typings of Therian Thundurus will be the same as his Incarnate forme on Pokemon Go.

I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it got one new move or so, but it’ll likely mostly the same as his Incarnate movesets, meaning something like this.

Fast Attacks:

  • Astonish
  • Thunder Shock

Charged Attacks:

  • Brick Break
  • Crunch
  • Thunder
  • Thunder Punch

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What types will be effective?

This is even more likely to be the same as Incarnate Thundurus than his moves are, as his typings do not seem to change in other titles in this alternative form at all – meaning a typing change is entire without precedent for him.

This will mean sticking with Rock and Ice types to fight him again, just like his Incarnate forme.

Staple Pokemon like Tyranitar and Rhyperior will perform well, alongside strong ice attackers like Glaceon, Weavile, and Articuno.

Be careful relying on Ground/Rock types too much, however, as the brick break move will annihilate them if you don’t use dodge regularly.

A scene in the pokemon anime showing Rhyperior
Rhyperior is a raid staple, and can be useful against Thundurus in either Forme. Just remember to DODGE THOSE BRICK BREAKS.
Credit: Bulbapedia

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Is his Shiny available during these raids?

Therian Thundurus doesn’t yet seem to have his shiny release confirmed for his launch – so it’s possible it’s being delayed for an event involving the Therian formes post-launch or being saved for the future.

We do however know how he looks in his shiny Therian Forme already, thanks to the Pokemon Go Wiki.

Therian Thundurus and his Shiny
Therian Thundurus and his currently unavailable Shiny

Realistically, it doesn’t seem like we’re missing a whole lot unless you just want any colour scheme that isn’t the original.

The changes are limited to light blue skin tone becoming a faded powdery blue and purple armour/legs becoming a maroon-ish purple.

Anything else in this event?

Raid hours are quite a simple deal, just lots of the featured raid appearing all over the globe during the specified time locally, giving people who partake in remote raids plenty of chances to capture the raid boss.

If you’re a bit short on people to invite you to remote raids, consider using a service such as the Pokemon Go Friends Subreddit.

The same service can be used to find people to invite to raids you are hosting.

That’s about everything you need to know regarding the upcoming Therian Thundurus Raid hours.

Best of luck to you all Trainers, we might all need it to deal with that nightmare of a Pokemon typing.

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