Pokemon Go: How to get the newly-released Skrelp

Skrelp in the Pokemon Anime (Pokemon Go)

Skrelp, the Mock Kelp Pokemon, will be newly added to Pokemon Go during the Rivals’ Week event.

Though… how exactly do you get Skrelp in Pokemon Go? Luckily, that question is precisely what this article is here to answer.

What is Skrelp?

Skrelp is a Poison/Water dual-type Pokemon. It camouflages itself as seaweed to hide from enemies to survive long enough to evolve into Dragalge.

Dragalge is far stronger, and while it may look like a simply larger version of Skrelp, the increase in firepower it gains is not to be underestimated for good reason, if the Pokedex entry below is anything to go by.

Their poison is strong enough to eat through the hull of a tanker, and they spit it indiscriminately at anything that enters their territory.

Dragalge Pokedex Entry, Generation VI, Pokemon X.
The Pokemon Dragalge, added to Pokemon Go during the 2021 Pokemon Go Rivals' Week event.
The Pokemon Dragalge, Credit: Bulbapedia

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Skrelp was added to Pokemon Go during the RIvals’ week 2021 event, alongside Clauncher and the evolved forms of both Pokemon.

How do I obtain Skrelp in Pokemon Go?

A few methods are available for those seeking to add Skrelp to their Pokedex.

First of all, Skrelp is expected to be available in the wild, meaning that in theory you can get an unlimited supply of them that way.

Of course, this doesn’t do you much good if they simply never spawn near you by pure bad luck.

The Pokemon Skrelp, added to Pokemon Go during the 2021 Pokemon Go Rivals' Week event.
Skrelp, the mock kelp Pokemon,
Credit: Bulbapedia

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For those of you who do in fact suffer from bad luck in Pokemon Go whenever you’re after something specific however, try not to worry too much.

Thankfully, wild catches aren’t the only option for Skrelp – it’s expected to be making appearances alongside Clauncher during the events field research tasks.

Make sure to get those research tasks done if that’s a valid option for you, as Pokemon from research tasks typically have 2 or 3 stars worth of stats at the minimum – making the hunt for a strong Skrelp much easier.

If that’s not enough for you, then it’s worth noting that Skrelp is expected to be appearing in raids during the event – alongside its evolved form Dragalge and both Clauncher and Clawitzer.

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Is there anything else to it?

In regards to capturing Skrelp, that’s about everything. It might be available in the future via different ways such as eggs – but for now, these are the options if you’re on the hunt for the Mock Kelp Pokemon Skrelp.

With that said, if you’re keen on getting the evolved form of Skrelp, Dragalge – you should be aware that you can expect Skrelp to be a 400 candy evolution Pokemon.

The most obvious eample of another 400 candy evolution in Pokemon Go is Magikarp into Gyarados – so don’t be too disappointed in Skrelp if it seems weak at first. We all know what happened with Magikarp.

Hopefully, this helped answer any questions you had on how you can get yourself a Skrelp in Pokemon Go.

Best of luck on filling your Pokedex, Trainers.

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