New Pokemon Go Global Special Weekend event coming May 2021

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For those of us without tickets, the Pokemon Go Global Special Weekend event still has some nice bonuses to enjoy, just don’t expect too much.

When is the Pokemon Go Special Weekend Event?

The global component of the special weekend on Pokemon Go will start on the 28th of May at 6:00PM (GMT+1), and will run until May 31st at 6:00PM (GMT+1).

This is a tad unusual for Pokemon Go, as most such events use local time – however as the primary portion of the event is locked to a specific part of the player base in specific parts of the world, this isn’t entirely without precedent.

The Y form of the Pokemon Unown
The Y form of the Pokemon Unown – trainers in Japan using the Yoshinoya Proma may find this in Pokemon Go during the Special Weekend. No luck for global trainers, however.
Credit: Bulbapedia

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What are the features of the Pokemon Go Special Weekend?

Unfortunately for the global component of the Special Weekend, we don’t get a whole lot. This seems to be a fairly small event overall, even for those who have access to the full deal.

For those of you who’ve wanted to get doing some things with friends on Pokemon Go though, this event may give you some nice bonuses.

  • The number of Gifts you can open daily will double (likely from the base 20 to 40 total)
  • Trade range increased to 40km

Sadly, that is literally everything we get as the global component of the event – not particularly outstanding I know.

Pokemon Go Eggs Gifts
The global component of the Special Weekend will allow Pokemon Go Players to open more gifts from their friends, Credit: PokemonGoLive

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Anything else?

Nope, the global version of this event is just that small unfortunately.

For those of you who need more friends to take advantage of opening more gifts (which I would recommend, by the way) – try using a service such as the PokemonGoFriends subreddit.

Just create a new post with your friend code asking to exchange gifts, and you’ll likely pick up 20 or so users quite quickly. Using this to expand your friend list is quite a good idea, all things considered.

Having a lengthy friend list provides a constant supply of gifts – which makes obtaining a large stock of useful items much easier over the long term – and who knows, maybe you’ll find someone nearby enough to make use of that 40km trade range too!

As always, you can find more Pokemon pieces on The Click right here, and more by me personally here.

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