Pokemon Go: Cottonee Spotlight hour, with double candy

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The Pokemon Cottonee in the anime

Last Updated on: 31st May 2021, 12:45 am

Pokemon Go is holding another of it’s regular spotlight hour, and this time it’s for the Pokemon Cottonee. As a bonus, capture candy is doubled.

When is the Cottonee Spotlight Hour?

The Cottonee Spotlight hour will take place on the 4th of May at 6:00 PM local time and run for an hour, as you might expect.

If you’re unfamiliar, local time means that it’ll be that time for you when the event kicks off, regardless of timezone.

We keep track of all the upcoming Spotlight hours in Pokemon Go for the current month at this page below right here on The Click, so feel free to look into those as well.

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What can we expect?

Like other spotlight hours, the event itself will be quite simple. You’ll be seeing a hell of a lot of Cottonee for one hour, that’s the event.

A simple cutout of the Pokemon Cottonee
A simple cutout of the Pokemon Cottonee, Credit: Bulbapedia

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These hours are great if you want the specific Pokemon mentioned for any reason, such as needing candy for the evolution or just pursuing the Shiny form or a high stat version of it.

With that said, no shiny available for Cottonee currently, so don’t go wasting your time hunting for that.

These hours also typically offer an additional bonus – in this case, the event gives doubled capture candy for the duration.

Does the event have anything else?

Outside of the doubled capture candy, and the chance to capture plenty of Cottonee, no, not a whole lot.

These spotlight hours are fairly basic events, they’re not that complicated and there really isn’t that much going on in them.

Cottonee in Pokemon Go
Cottonee in Pokemon Go, Credit: Pokemon Go Wiki

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Typically I’d show you the standard and shiny variants of the Pokemon in question for comparison purposes, but that doesn’t really work if the shiny.

That’s about everything you need to know about the upcoming Cottonee Spotlight hour in Pokemon Go, Trainers. Have fun stocking up on those candies!

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