Gible Community Day Announced!

Gible Community Day

Last Updated on: 8th May 2021, 06:50 pm

In a strange mix up of the usual Pokemon Go schedule, the Pokemon Go app announced yesterday on its Twitter that June 6th, 2021 would act as Gible Community Day! This is, as mentioned, an odd occurrence for Pokemon Go, as this month’s Community Day Pokemon: Swablu, hasn’t even had their time in the spotlight just yet. An announcement of Gible a full month early is certainly odd, but points to just how much fans have been looking forward to it.

Garchomp wallpaper
Credit: MapleRose

To those unaware, Gible, and its evolutions Gabite and Garchomp, are the dragon type psuedo-legendary line in the Sinnoh Pokemon games, and has quickly become a fan favorite for its awesome design and serious power behind it as well.

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While not AS dominant in Pokemon Go, Garchomp is still a real threat as one of the best Ground attackers in the game and a typing that leaves it fine against non Ice and Fairy threats. As with all Community Days, though, it’s safe to assume upon evolution during the specified hours, Gabite will obtain a new exclusive move. For what that is, I can’t say, and Niantic hasn’t either. Draco Meteor is always a safe bet, but perhaps they want to pivot into it’s role as a Ground attacker. Hard to say, really.

What we can surmise, though, is what this Gible Community Day will entail. For one, there’s gonna be Gibles absolutely everywhere, so anyone will be able to get a Garchomp with a 30 minute walk or so. The shiny variant will also likely be more common, allowing trainers to have a shiny Garchomp in their arsenal.

Gible family normal and shiny
Credit: Niantic

Some have expressed anger that their shiny Gibles wont be as notable anymore, but personally, a shiny will only be as rare as an eventual Community Day, and Gible was a prime choice hard to not see coming eventually. I’m hoping to nab a perfect IV Gible, shiny or otherwise, and get it to max CP. Maybe I’m unoriginal but Garchomp has always been cool as hell and I’m glad to see Gible Community Day!

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