Pokemon: 7 Underrated Pokemon You Never Use

Pokemon Emolga

Everybody who’s ever played a Pokemon game has used a Charizard or a Salamence, a Tyranitar or a Machamp.

But what about some of the ‘mons who don’t get the spotlight? What are some of the best Pokemon that are almost never seen used?

I took a look through a bunch of Pokemon and chose a few who fit my description of “good stats, good looks, but a lack of popularity.”

In the end, I came up with 7 who really fit the bill, in no particular order. Check them out below!


Pokemon Kingdra
Credit: The Pokemon Company

In a world where Gyarados and Blastoise exist, one of my favourite looking final evolutions to a Gen 1 Water-type Pokemon often gets overlooked.

Perhaps it’s because Kingdra was actually released in Gen II, and so never had time to shine against the likes of the Squirtle and Magikarp lines. It is an awesome looking ‘mon with solid typing, and solid stats to boot.

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Pokemon Koffing
Credit: The Pokemon Company

It seems that most people find this pollutant ball a tad ugly. I’m not sure I agree.

Sure, Koffing‘s concept is gross, but this Gen 1 pure Poison-type is kind of adorable in that lovably dopey sort of way.

With wicked defense stats for its typing and a mixture of good abilities and moves, Koffing deserves to be a staple in more than just Team Rocket’s squad.


Pokemon Falinks
Credit: The Pokemon Company/Gamefreak

Single-type Pokemon rarely get much love, as a dual-type will almost always be more versatile.

Falinks is a cute little group of ‘mons that work together as one cohesive Fighting-type unit in the series’ latest generation.

It’s not the strongest Fighting-type, but it’s a sturdy little tank that has some solid offensive capability as well.

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Pokemon Parasect
Credit: The Pokemon Company

I promise this is the last Gen 1 Pokemon on the list.

Parasect has an interesting issue where it is super weak against two of the most popular types in the game: Fire and Flying.

But the fact of the matter is, keep track of your typing and an eye on your opponents moves, and Parasect has the capability to utilize its Bug/Grass typing to satisfy some underrated potential.

Plus, it’s got the same aesthetic going for it that popular ‘mons like Litwick and Mimikyu have: creepy but cute.


Pokemon Beheeyem
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Beheeyem is the first Pokemon on the list that definitely didn’t make it on for looks.

The flat, brown, alien design kind of makes it look like something out of a Nintendo Labo kit.

What it lacks in looks, however, it makes up for in moves. (And a cool name.)

This Gen V pure Psychic-type has access to some of the most powerful moves in the series, extending from the vast array of Psychic attacks to moves like Thunderbolt and Energy Ball.

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Pokemon Araquanid
Credit: The Pokemon Company

I’ll be honest: I really love Araquanid. Arachnophobes beware!

This gen VII Water/Bug spider adorned with bubbles is an intimidating mixture of unsettling looks and good typing.

While its unevolved state, Dewpider, is pretty cute and worthy of a shoutout, Araquanid is bigger, badder, and truly brings home the trophy with its awesome signature ability: Water Bubble, which halves the Fire damage it takes and doubles the Water damage it outputs.


Pokemon Emolga
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Emolga is basically your Zapdos Lite. The incredible type combo of Electric/Flying making it only weak to two types, Rock and Ice, means that you rarely encounter direct counters, especially early in the game, as Ice-types are almost always late-game ‘mons.

True of a lot of Electric-types, it boosts a killer speed, while not resting on its laurels when it attacks either.

It’ll absolutely obliterate most common ‘mons, just watch out for those Rock-types.

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Which are some of your favourite Pokemon you don’t see enough love for? Let us know by tweeting us @TheClickGG

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