Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Possibly Leaked in VA Interview

While the Xenoblade series has remained mostly dormant since Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s release in 2017, it seems that more may be on the way in a theoretical Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Despite a great HD remake and another Smash appearance, new content for the series has been relatively sparse, but that may not be so for long if the voice of Melia Antiqua has anything to say about it!

Jenna Coleman is the voice of Melia who appeared in both the first Xenoblade Chronicles and the epilogue chapter added in the remake. Considering her popularity boom after starring in Doctor Who, it’s impressive she reprised the role 10 years later.

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Regardless, around the middle of June, she did a number of Zoom calls to answer questions, seemingly from fans and the like. In a call with a fan of Xenoblade, she answers a question about how she was given the role, apparently handled primarily by her agent. Fairly standard stuff, but Coleman comments on her coming back “for the second one,” mistakenly referring to Future’s Connected as the second game.

Xenoblade chronicles 3 reveal jenna coleman
Credit: Nintendo Everything

While her work was and is fantastic, it appears Coleman never played the game based on a comment in the interview and isn’t entirely familiar with the series.

After this, though, Coleman mentions that she’s pretty sure they (being Nintendo) are working on a third one (Xenoblade Chronicles 3.) She then questions if she’s even allowed to say that, which means this could be a pretty bad mistake.

The interview can be viewed in full below, but do keep in mind it can appear awkward at times due to both Zoom and miscommunication.

Credit: Din’s Meteorite

This info seems to have gone mostly under the radar for the past month with attention only recently coming to this possible leak. While this doesn’t assure this “third one” is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or even potentially a thing at all. There’s a lot pointing to Monolith Soft being rather busy.

Multiple job openings appeared at the company a few months back, and many members who worked on Xenoblade 1 and 2’s soundtrack are stated to be working on a huge project as well.

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It just looks like everything is coming together for an incoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3 announcement, and the interview above with Coleman could be the icing on the cake!

Please I want this game to exist…

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