Who Is Maestro In Marvel’s Avengers’ Future Imperfect DLC?

Last Updated on: 26th June 2022, 03:55 am

Future Imperfect is almost upon us and you might be wondering… Who is Maestro in Marvel’s Avengers?

Well… That is an excellent question. In the build-up to the full reveal of Future Imperfect, we’ve managed to get a glimpse of this big green fella, but who actually is he?

Here’s a little quote to get you started…

” You’re fighting against the inevitable, Hulk. I’m simply the final product of natural selection. The strong survive. I’m the strongest. I survived.”

Yes. Maestro said that. He is, canonically, the strongest Hulk in the Marvel Universe.

LATEST – Maestro IS The Actual Bruce Banner

Following a brand-new look at Future Imperfect from Crystal Dynamics, we’ve got new information about their take on Maestro.

Maestro is the newest Supreme Leader ( or “big boss” ) in Avengers and it is the actual Hulk we see in the Reassemble storyline.

The Hulk has spent decades absorbing excess radiation, driven insane by the sheer scale of destruction, and has decided to reshape what is left of the world in his own image.

He has killed every other hero and villain out there and now sits on a trophy-surrounded throne, lording over his Wasteland.

Maestro IS Bruce Banner

Now, you may be asking “What in the fu-” and I’m here to stop you. We know it’s insane, but that’s Marvel for you!

This is going to get a bit confusing, but Maestro is actually Bruce Banner. We already know he’s a Hulk. Look at him. But, the fact that he’s actually THE Bruce Banner opens up a wormhole of issues for Crystal Dynamic’s Avengers.

In the Hawkeye War Table we learn that Future Imperfect is taking place directly after Taking Aim, and we know Clint goes somewhere and sees something during that time.

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Now we know that he seems to travel to an alternate dimension. This is because Maestro is the Bruce Banner from Earth-9200, whereas Earth-616 is the primary Marvel Universe.

Crystal Dynamic’s Avengers game takes place in its own universe, though… Earth-TRN814. So, that doesn’t necessarily mean Clint has travelled to Earth-9200, but rather the Crystal Dynamics-verse version of that.

Maestro Is From An Imperfect Future

Okay, forgive us for that sub-header, but it’s true.

Canonically, Maestro is from an alternate future timeline that is approximately a hundred years into the future. In this alternate timeline, the Black Scythe has followed up on a Nuclear war to truly decimate the world and push humankind to the brink of extinction.

Maestro Avengers 616 Comic
Credit: Marvel Comics

Bruce Banner is one of a few survivors who is being kept in a Stasis Chamber by A.I.M. However, classically, he escaped and goes on a journey across the newly-destroyed United States for answers.

We won’t tell you all the ins-and-outs, but this version of the Hulk defeats Hercules to become ruler of Dystopia, what remains of New York City. This is where he adopts the Maestro mantle and is where we find him in Future Imperfect.

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What makes Maestro unique is that he is the perfect combination of Bruce Banner’s intelligence and the Hulk’s ruthless aggression and anger. Not only this but he is significantly stronger than Hulk due to the Radiation he has absorbed during the wars which tore the Earth apart. He rules over his dominion with an Iron Will and will prove to be an interesting addition to Crystal Dynamic’s narrative.

For a detailed look on Maestro, the Marvel Fandom Page on him is a fantastic fan-made source of information.

Are you looking forward to Future Imperfect? What do you hope to see Crystal Dynamics do next? Having Maestro in Avengers opens up a lot of options.

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