When is FNF Week 8 Coming Out? Finally an update!

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While it hasn’t quite hit the one-year anniversary since Week 7’s release (I checked), the question of, “When is FNF Week 8 coming out?” is one that’s gone quite a while without an answer. Only last week did we get a surefire sign of things to come! Here’s everything (we know) coming to Friday Night Funkin in the near future!

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On March 16th, Phantom Arcade suddenly dropped a Twitter video update for Friday Night Funkin on April 30th, 2022, featuring an appropriately Pico-focused trailer for Newgrounds’ annual Pico Day.

Credit: Phantom Arcade

This video, as well as a follow-up tweet, seem to signify this not actually being the long-awaited Week 8 update but rather something entirely different. After some not-particularly-difficult pausing amidst the visual effects, the new content mentioned in order are Erect difficulty, new features, cutscenes, and new characters. Additionally, Phantom Arcade’s tweet reads, “You’ll get a better look at it once the latest piece that continues after Week 7 releases Pico Day.”

fnf week 8 possible tease
Credit: Phantom Arcade

The wording in the tweet, as well as the topics shown in the trailer, lead me to believe that this update will not be Week 8 itself, but rather a general game overhaul with features from the Kickstarter such as new playable characters. New cutscenes, however, could either imply new story content beyond Week 7 featuring more Pico or merely adding cutscenes to the original weeks.

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So, when is FNF Week 8 coming out? Well… it may not be as soon as we hoped considering the teases over the year, but new Friday Night Funkin content is coming on April 30th, assuming no delays moving forward. Admittedly, a year has taken some of my hype away, but the confirmation of exactly when we’re getting new content is already bringing me back into the Friday Night Frenzy…

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