Vampire Survivors: Hidden reference code, one-time free gold

konami code reference

If you’ve played any of Vampire Survivors, you might have noticed the upgrades are a bit of a grind, so here’s a code for some free gold.

What is the one-time free gold code in Vampire Survivors?

The code itself will grant you around 2500 one-off gold immediately on use, so it’s worth using early on but really won’t make an absolutely huge difference to your game, just get you some upgrades or characters early on that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

As for the code itself, you might recognise this one if you’re been using codes in other games before this at all because it’s quite the popular one throughout the entire gaming industry at this stage.

The code you’ll need to put in is done on the main menu screen as shown below – note that it might not be available on the version of the game, as it is described as a “demo version” style product there. It does however definitely work on the Steam version of the game.

The code for the free one-off gold is as follows:

  • Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right ESC ENTER
Vampire survivors post gold code
Credit: poncle, The Click

Up up, down down, left right left right… you might have figured it out immediately when this part started, and if you did, congratulations. If you didn’t, it’s a reference to the legendary Konami Code.

konami code reference
Credit: The Washington Post

While not an exact match for the original, we can attribute that to creative license – many imitation codes exist that only copy the first few direction arrow inputs after all, given those tend to be available across far more platforms.

Are there any other codes for Vampire Survivors you might be wondering? It turns out, yes, there are. You can find a hidden character called Exdash by using the code mentioned there, who comes pre-bought, so no need to use any of your newly found Konami code riches on them either.

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