Tower of Fantasy: All current and new redeem codes, October 2022

Tower of Fantasy New Codes

Every month, new codes are released by Tower of Fantasy for all their players. Sometimes, new redeem codes will coincide with when new events are introduced.

The codes that can be exchanged in-game can vary; some codes will continue to be active, while there are codes that will only be available for a certain amount of time. These limited-time codes are often provided to players during a livestream on the official Tower of Fantasy Twitch account or Tower of Fantasy YouTube account. You can also get announcements of new redeem codes on the official Tower of Fantasy Twitter account.

You can also bookmark this page as we will continue to update it with more codes that you can use to exchange for free in-game items and rewards.


Tower of Fantasy New Codes
Credits: Hotta Studio

How to use Tower of Fantasy codes

You need to know important details before you start using the codes in Tower of Fantasy. For one, you need to ensure that you have completed the orientation as it will not allow you to access the Rewards menu until you have progressed further into the game. Some codes can only be used in one character. If you are using a single login, but with multiple characters, make sure that you are currently using the character where you would like the rewards to be sent before using the codes.

Here are the instructions on how to access the Exchange section of the Rewards menu:

  • On the top right corner of the main screen, look for the Rewards Icon. It looks like a box or a present.
  • At the lower section of the new screen, choose the Rewards tab
  • On the left side, choose Exchange
  • Copy or type the code in the field that says “Please type your gift pack redemption code”
  • Click confirm then Okay


Tower of Fantasy_ New codes
Credits: Hotta Studio

Take note that the rewards will not be sent to your inventory right away. Instead, these freebies will be sent to your mailbox. Any attempt to use the same code will result in an error saying that the code has already been used for this character.

If a player gets a new mail, the icon will appear on the main screen, just below the mini-map. The icon will look like an envelope with a number in red font. The number will indicate how many new messages are in your inbox. However, if this does not appear, you can also access the mailbox manually instead. Here are the instructions on how to go to your mailbox:

  • Open the main menu of the game. You can do this by either pressing ESC on your keyboard or pressing the menu button on the upper right side of the screen. The icon looks like a honeycomb with three hexagons.
  • On the main menu, click ‘Friends’
  • On the new screen, look for the Mailbox tab in the upper right side of the screen
  • You can either choose ‘claim all’ on the lower left side of the screen or click on the messages individually then click claim on the left side to put the rewards in your inventory


New Redeem Codes: Updated October 13, 2022

The completion of the Version 2.0 Vera preview of Tower of Fantasy included a release of new codes that players can use to exchange for freebies.

The Version 2.0 Vera preview presentation has concluded. The livestream lasted for roughly an hour and included distribution of new codes that Wanderers can use in exchange for a gold nucleus, gold, and an SR relic shard box. The presentation also confirmed the addition of a new SSR Simulacra on October 20, the official launch of the Version 2.0. Here are the new codes released during the preview:

CodeRewardsDate Added
9A98W5P0 One gold nucleusOctober 13, 2022
9AA5GFYG 8,888 gold and one SR relic shard boxOctober 13, 2022

Below are the codes that are still active:

CodeRewardsDate Added
ILOVETOFOne Gold Nucleus and 5 Weapon Battery IIAugust 10, 2022
TOF888One Black Nucleus, 8,888 Gold, and 10 Crispy Grilled FishAugust 10, 2022
TOF666 8,888 Gold and one SR Relic Shard BoxAugust 10, 2022

There have been a number of codes previously available which may no longer be active. Shown below are these expired codes:

  • TOF0811TOF 
  • ht888
  • huanta666
  • huanta888
  • huanta520
  • ht666
  • ht520
  • YL666
  • YL777
  • YL999

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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