There’s a Bullet Hole Peek nerf in the Siege Y6S2 Designer’s Notes

This is really going to annoy quite a few Siege players, isn’t it? Ubisoft has released the latest pre-season Designer’s Notes for Y6S2, Operation North Star, and it looks like there’s a pretty major Bullet Hole Peek nerf coming in the next title update.

Bullet Hole Peek Nerf Explained

What Is Bullet Hole Peeking?

To put it pretty plainly, it’s where an Operator can peek through a bullet hole they create in “Soft Surfaces”. We don’t mean curtains and cushions, though. In Rainbow Six Siege, a soft surface is something like wood panels, an internal wall, any surface that you can put a bullet hole in basically.

Bullet Hole Peeking is a controversial strategy at the best of times. When Siege players use it properly, it can be devastating as a Defender. As you can imagine, it can be quite hard to see an enemy Operator through a bullet hole in a wall and if you’re unaware that the enemy team is on the other side of the wall…

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You can see where we’re going with this, can’t you? It makes for an easy way to get kills on completely unaware enemies. This isn’t a new thing in Rainbow Six Siege, either. Players have been complaining about it for a while, which as you can imagine makes things a little bit… “Salty” when people complain about people complaining.

Below, you can see exactly what we mean. We know it’s a bit… Cliche YouTuber Video Thumbnail, but it does the job.

What Does The Nerf Mean?

Well, this is the interesting part. The Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 Pre-Season Designer’s Notes often go over a few of the major updates to Rainbow Six Siege and offer an interesting insight into the last season’s Ban Rates to justify these partially.

We’re not here to talk about the Operator Balancing Changes though. We’re talking about Bullet Holes. More specifically, we’re here to talk about the new Bullet Hole Peek nerf that’s being introduced.

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To put it plainly, here’s what the Designer’s Notes say…

  • Line of sight through bullet holes in soft surfaces has been blocked
Bullet Hole Peek Nerf Rainbow Six Siege
Credit: Appauls

Essentially, players will no-longer be able to peek through individual bullet holes in Rainbow Six Siege. This “previously created unfair gameplay scenarios in which peekers could take out unsuspecting players without them having the tools to effectively identidy the potential threat”.

” Now, players will have to shoot a soft surface multiple times in order to create a hole big enough to peek through, providing those being peeked upon a fairer chance to identify and react to this threat. Please note that bullet holes in thin materials like window glass, barricades, and the inner cores of props are not affected by this change.”

It’s a controversial one, but what do you think? Is this a good idea? Will it make for a fairer Siege experience or is it just catering to the lower-end of the Siege player skill rankings?

(Cover Image Source: Redditor u/MrDinglz)