Skullgirls Season Pass released! Back from the dead?

Skullgirls 2nd Encore banner

Reverb Lab’s indie-fighter extraordinaire, Skullgirls, is returning from beyond the grave with the early March release of not only a new DLC character, fan-favorite Annie of the Stars but also the announcement of the Skullgirls season pass which will include at least 3 additional characters plus new color palettes and music.

Skullgirls Annie
Credit: Reverge Labs

This announcement comes after many believed that the game was effectively dead in the water once its main support shifted to a free-to-play mobile game after maintaining strong community support for the entirety of its time in the spotlight and beyond. However, with the success of the mobile version of the game as well as the surprise release of the first season pass character, the hype train is going full speed ahead!

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Autumn games as already decided who the next 3 characters in this season pass will be, however, they’ve also hinted at the possibility of a fifth DLC character as well as future season passes. Skullgirls has a strong history of providing good DLC content and the Skullgirls season pass looks to be no different.

Skullgirls Season Pass
Credit: Reverge Labs

In the past not only have a majority of the color palettes tasteful references to various pop-culture icons, but each of the characters in the game is truly unique with specialized mechanics that allow them to shine and an incredible level of depth giving any player an opportunity to really find characters that work for them and utilize them to their full potential.

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Even the majority of the DLC characters added were those chosen by fans, as at the time of their release, each of the DLC characters were crowd-funded by the community.

Skullgirls was truly something special when it came out and it was obvious that the team behind it cared deeply about not only the product they were putting forward but also the culture itself and so it’s wonderful that it’s getting more support to keep both mobile and console players engaged with this amazing title.

Skullgirls Fight
Credit: Reverb Labs

The Skullgirls season pass is available now and scheduled to be complete sometime in 2022!

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