Marvel’s Avengers PS5 Release Date Revealed?

Square Enix’s Avengers title might have just had its PS5 release date revealed a little early thanks to a combination of factors.

Marvel’s Avengers is a brand-new take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and promises fun, action-packed gameplay with stellar performances from industry giants. It’s a game you’ll want to play if you’re a Marvel fan.

However, if you haven’t already… Could the perfect time to jump into the world of Marvel’s Avengers be coming up? It seems as if the Avengers PS5 Release Date has been revealed a little ahead of schedule…

Avengers PS5 Release Date Leaked

If we collate all the information available, it seems as if the PS5 version of Avengers is coming out on February 16th.

There’s a few factors that play into this, so we’ll run through them below…

Firstly, Square Enix is holding a “War Table” presentation on February 16th which promises to showcase the upcoming Operation: Hawkeye alongside more details about the next-gen release of the title.

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Below, you can check out the tweet which lays all that information out:

Secondly, Marvel’s Avengers PS5 trophies have reportedly been released and can be found on PSNProfiles. Industry Giant, Greg Miller, can also attest to this as he brought attention to it on his Twitter profile.

Miller, when Avengers launched, was pretty vocal about his support and enjoyment playing the game so… We can imagine he’s thrilled to learn this.

PlayStation Trophies for games only usually release a short period before launch.

Avengers PS5 Release Date
Credit: Square Enix

The “War Table” presentation is coming soon… You get the idea.

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Thirdly, to really cement in this release date, a Russian Retailer has reportedly leaked the release date for Avengers PS5.

Can you guess the date that they leaked? You guessed it. February 16th.

It all seems to point one way, or at least not long after that date.

Do you think it’s coming as a surprise launch? Is this how Square Enix claw back their lost fans?

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