League of Legends: 2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen recap

100 Thieves fans during the 2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen

The 2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen has arrived, which means it’s the last day of the regular season for this iteration of the LCS Spring Split. Who will make it with only a few teams locked into the playoffs right now? How many tie-breakers will we have?

Coming into the day, the teams that are not locked into playoffs, or their seeding, are Golden Guardians, TSM, Evil Geniuses, Counter Logic Gaming, and 100 Thieves. Who, out of these five teams, will be the odd one out since there are only four more spots available?

The last day of a split is always a long one, with tiebreakers almost always guaranteed to happen. Can players keep their minds sharp as the later games go, or will we see mistakes happen, causing teams to change their seeding, or miss the playoffs entirely? There is only one way to find out, and that’s to see what happened during the 2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen.

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2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen results:

  • Counter Logic Gaming > Cloud9
  • TSM < FlyQuest
  • Team Liquid Honda > Evil Geniuses
  • Golden Guardians < Dignitas
  • 100 Thieves > Immortals Progressive

2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen tiebreakers:

  • FlyQuest < Cloud9
  • 100 Thieves > Evil Geniuses
  • Counter Logic Gaming < 100 Thieves

The 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs are set

The 2023 LCS Spring playoffs after the 2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen
(Credit: LCS/Riot Games)

With the 2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen coming to an end, we finally know who is in the playoffs. The teams are, starting from highest seed to lowest seed, Cloud9, FlyQuest, 100 Thieves, Counter Logic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, and Golden Guardians.

Out of all those teams, 100 Thieves had the biggest improvement over the last couple of weeks. Not that long ago, they were in seventh place, facing the possibility that they wouldn’t make the playoffs with their star-studded roster. After a coaching swap two weeks ago, they shot up to third place, surprising everyone with their vastly improved level of play.

The team that is surprising, but for the opposite reasons as 100 Thieves, are Evil Geniuses. Granted, they are dealing with some of the team members having Covid-19 right now, but their slide from third down to fifth means that instead of starting in the upper bracket with life to spare, in terms of elimination, they now start the playoffs in the lower bracket, where if they lose one series, they are out of contention for a trip to MSI.

Kind of in the same boat as Evil Geniuses, we have FlyQuest. With FlyQuest in second place, one may ask what they have in common, and the answer is easy: a huge decline in the level of play team-wide. Early in the split, the two were seen as among the best, or the best in FlyQuest’s situation, but as of right now, there are a lot of big question marks surrounding the teams. If they hope to make it to London for the 2023 MSI tournament, they have a lot of work to be done.

2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen standings:

  1. Cloud9 (15-4)
  2. FlyQuest (14-5)
  3. 100 Thieves (12-8)
  4. Counter Logic Gaming (10-9)
  5. Evil Geniuses (10-9)
  6. Golden Guardians (9-9)
  7. TSM (8-10) *eliminated from playoffs
  8. Team Liquid Honda (8-10) *eliminated from playoffs
  9. Immortals Progressive (4-14) *eliminated from playoffs
  10. Dignitas (3-15) *eliminated from playoffs

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Now that the 2023 LCS Spring Split day eighteen has come to an end, it’s time for the surviving six teams to turn their attention to the playoffs. Each team knows who they are going up against, so it’s only a matter of preparing for their opponents.

Who will prepare the best, and who’s going to show up on stage when it all matters the most, when do these games happen? You can find the complete schedule, as well as watch the games live when they happen, at lolesports.com.

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