How Long to Beat: Persona 5 Strikers

While I unfortunately haven’t gotten the chance to play Persona 5 Strikers yet, I do have a number of friends who have been able to experience the new release. Personally, I have to play through Persona 5 first before heading on to the Musou spin-off, but it is on my bucket list of games. Regardless, some people don’t have the time to devote a hundred hours to a single fairly simple game, so I figured I’d do the work for you in finding out Persona 5 Strikers’ length.

Credit: Atlus

Thankfully, as a helpful frame of reference, How Long to Beat has us covered for the most part. For just beating the main story alone, it seems the average and median time is just about 35 hours, with some as fast as 28 hours and some upwards of 40. In that sense, its about 15 hours shorter than your average JRPG without going for any side content.

For those who want to do the side content and/or postgame material, it seems the playtime heads to about 49-55 hours, which feels about right honestly. At least to me, I like side content being a chunk of the total playtime, but not more than the main story itself, and about 15 hours of side stories and content in a 35ish hour game seems appropriate.

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Additionally, I have some friends who are hardcore about the Persona series and got the game four days early due to the deluxe edition. The three have beaten the game as of yesterday or the day before, and each gave me their playtime and playstyle to boot. Two of the three finished the main story and most side content in about 40 hours, though they both admitted that they have more content to do regarding postgame and Persona fusion. The last finished later, but with a similar playtime. It is worthy to note, again, that these lads basically no life’d the game, so the average playtime may be longer for less experienced Persona fans.

I have to admit, I’m a little surprised that the game is as short as it is, and I mean that in an entirely positive way. The Musou type games tend to be…. well, pretty long, especially if attempting to 100% them. The formula for a long time was a somewhat short main story and tons of various side content like character stories, themed maps, challenge modes, etc, like in Dynasty Warriors Gundam or the original Hyrule Warriors.

Credit: Atlus

While it is nice to have that kind of content for fans of the series, even I have to admit the gameplay can get a biiiiit stale after the 200th or so map of just slicing through mobs. With a more focused narrative and design that incorporates elements of Persona 5 and its RPG structure, as well as things like Persona fusion and stealth to mix up the formula, Persona 5 Strikers looks to be a refreshing change of pace that doesn’t wear out its welcome and is a blast from beginning to end!

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