Hand-Drawn Puzzle-Platformer Minute of Islands Delayed

Minute of Islands Delayed

Looks like players will have to wait a little longer to embark on the hand-drawn puzzle platformer Minute of Islands as it has just been delayed!

In a statement posted on the game’s official channels earlier today, developer Studio Fizbin revealed that the title will no longer be released on March 18th.

Minute of Islands Delayed
The game’s protagonist, the tinkerer Mo, on one of her many adventures.
Credit: Studio Fizbin.

According to the game’s team, the decision was made because of the appearance of some last-minute issues.

They guarantee that they are working hard to give players the best possible experience, though, so this isn’t necessarily a bad decision.

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You can read the full statement below:

”Hi everyone,

We all know (especially after a year of a global pandemic) that things don’t always go according to plan. This is, unfortunately, the case with Minute of Island, which has hit some unforeseen snags. As much as we had fully hoped and intended to bring Minute of Islands to stores on March 18, some significant last-minute issues appeared during our last round of testing. This means that it’s with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to push the release on all platforms to a later date.

As you can appreciate, we want to give you the best possible gaming experience Rest assured that the extra time invested is spent in your best interest.

As we don’t want to disappoint you or make any false promises, we’re reluctant to set a fixed new date for the release until we’re 110% sure that all known bugs have been fixed that could affect the players’ experience. We’ll let you know about any updates as soon as possible – here as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

We appreciate your patience and hope you’ll bear with us and remain as excited as we are for Minute of Islands’ final release.

Take care”

– Team Minute of Islands

About Minute of Islands

Minute of Islands won over fans and got the world’s attention for its fully hand-drawn design and unique style. It’s truly a breath of fresh air with its’ beautiful scenery.

Watch the game’s newest teaser trailer, and check out its official synopsis below:

”You are Mo, a skilled tinkerer, living with her family on a pastoral archipelago, once inhabited by an ancient race of inscrutable giants. Their otherworldly but vital machines, festering in the underbellies of the islands themselves, must be kept going or an almost forgotten threat will swallow all. Mo vows to restore the hidden engines in time, but is this truly what she needs?”

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Minute of Islands will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, via Steam, and GOG.com.