Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter Announced

Friday Night Funkin The Full Ass Game

Last Updated on: 19th April 2021, 08:13 pm

Yesterday has been a huge day for fans of Friday Night Funkin with the release of the long awaited Week 7 as well as an announcement for a Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter! As the Kickstarter page mentions, this is in fact, a Full Ass Game, and they plan on making it a huge one to make FNF fans as happy as can be. Here’s what we know.

Credit: Funkin Crew

Well, I suppose the first thing to mention is that its been less than 24 hours and the project has already been fully funded…. almost 10 times over. The Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter launched with a modest goal of $60,000, and as of the time of this writing, the current donated total is $563,000. The first few stretch goals have already been reached.

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To get onto the basics, though, the team who made Friday Night Funkin apparently had well over 60 songs worth of ideas for the little browser game and wanted to make it a full game that could be sold to fans and newcomers alike. The team discussed retailing the current game of 21 songs, and even figured it would be reasonably profitable, but the idea of selling something once free didn’t sit well with the team.

The Full Ass Game is said to be much bigger than the current Newgrounds and browser versions, slated to include 20 new Weeks (60 songs), new gameplay mechanics, local co-op, more cutscenes, online leaderboards, and more! Really, all the stuff included in just the basegame is insane, let alone all the stretch goals.

Credit: Funkin Crew

Speaking of… the stretch goals are pretty insane in their own right. Some of the bonuses include: 25 extra weeks, character customization, online co-op, fully animated cutscenes, a new difficulty, and more playable characters. These goals go up to nearly $2 million, which seems like a huge goal for the original 60k project. However, it seems over a fourth of this has been achieved in a day so, who really knows.

As a joke (I think), there are insane stretch goals in the $3 million plus range like a Playstation 1 port for the funnies as well as a sequel to a Newgrounds project: Pico’s School.

The rewards are your usual Kickstarter fare like merch, a digital copy, etc for various donation amounts, as well as some joke tiers like specifically NOT being thanked for the donation. Truly, the Funkin Crew reminds us of early internet culture.

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As of now, this is about all we know about the Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter, but the full page can hopefully answer any questions we may have, as well as updates by the Funkin Crew themselves. I personally can’t wait for the full game, and might throw $15 into the pot myself.