Fortnite meme skins begin with Diamond “Stonks Guy” Hanz

fortnite memes stonks guy

We’ve seen Marvel, we’ve seen Star Wars, hell we’ve even seen Kratos, Master Chief, and Snake Eyes introduced into Fortnite; now memes are even making their way into Fortnite, starting with the Stonks Guy.

Fortnite memes

No, this isn’t an April Fools joke; the Stonks Guy is actually in Fortnite. However, his “real name,” according to Epic Games, is “Diamond Hanz.”

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Fortnite memes
Credit: Epic Games

Look at him. Look! We still can’t believe that Fortnite has now introduced a meme skin into the game, and it’s the Stonks Guy of all memes.

It kind of makes sense though, since Epic Games has been in a massive legal battle with Apple over certain restrictions placed on the game eventually led to its removal from the App Store.

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Bringing the Stonks Guy into Fortnite kind of seems like a little bit of a dig at Apple, but more so, it reminds us all of the GameStop stock feud that took place almost a month ago.

Diamond Hanz

What’s more is that, not only did Epic Games actually create a Stonks Guy Fortnite meme skin, they gave him a name. So it looks like we’re not able to call him the Stonks Guy anymore?

We’d be okay just calling him Hanz, for some reason that actually kind of makes sense, but do we actually have to call him Diamond Hanz now?

More memes

With the addition of Diamond “Stonk Guy” Hanz as the first Fortnite meme skin, this begs the question: will other memes make their way into Fortnite? Could we actually see a Big Chungus? Maybe an Elon Musk skin?

Okay, maybe Elon Musk is a bit too far, but we think that Big Chungus definitely seems reasonable.


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