League of Legends: Patch 12.16, nerfs, buffs, adjustments and more

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Riot Games’ League of Legends will have its first “Worlds-focused patch” on August 24. Basically, this means that the patch 12.16 will focus on the more competitive play or pro-scene of the game. “Worlds” is a big event in League of Legends. It consists of multiple tournament legs and play-ins until only one team stands above the rest. You can watch it on the LoL Esports official website.

This patch will also have its eyes on nerfs, buffs, skins, and other champion adjustments that would ultimately affect the gameplay and strategy of players both in and out of the upcoming tournament. The patch also includes meta shifts in landing, especially for the top and bottom lane.

The patch appears to be a hurdle the developers are putting for their participants in World 2022 as the updates are centered on heroes used mainly in the competitive scene. This will likely throw off the current games’ top picks. The developers plan to force their pro-players to come out of their shells and push their adaptability to the changes.


Release date specifics, nerfs, and buffs

This sixteenth major patch of 2022 will update the Oceanic servers at 10 AM AEST on August 24. Throughout the rest of the day, worldwide servers are expected to be updated, including:

  • 3AM PT (NA)
  • 3AM CET (EUNE)
  • 5AM GMT (EUW)
  • 8AM KST (Korea)

As expected, this update will cause downtime. The maintenance is set to prevent any matchmaking events three hours before the designated time per server.

In previous patches, there have been imposed nerfs set to Zeri, which appears to continue until the next patch is released next week. If this pushes through, this will be the 13th adjustment done to Zeri. Aside from this, others are expected to receive a set of buffs. Obviously, a crowd favorite outside and inside the pro-scene in League of Legends Season 12, this champion will either be a first pick or first ban of a match. This has been her story ever since her release.

There have been multiple attempts to balance her stats and skills, but all appear to be to no avail, as the trend of nerfing, adjusting, and updating her has happened 12 times since her release. Below is a breakdown of what else we are expecting to happen:

Zeri Splash Art
Credit: Riot Games

Champions to be nerfed:


  • Ultrashock Laser (W): Ability Power Ratio 60% > 40%
  • Burst Fire (Q): Attack Damage Ratio 105-125% > 100-120%

With these upcoming updates, developers are hoping that less pressure would be put on Zeri as players ease on her when being picked or banned.


  • Zoomies (E): Movement Speed 20% (+6% per 100 AP) > 20% (+2% per 100 AP)
  • Zoomies (E): Cooldown 12-8s – 12-10 seconds

The update will likely negatively affect the usefulness of Yuumi when it comes to utility and frequency of use of Zoomies. However, it does not indicate on the nerf that any changes were done with the actual healing output of Yuumi.


  • Hammer Shock (Q): Monster Damage 50-170 > 30-150

This would likely affect Poppy in the early game. If you have challenges clearing the jungle, this may also affect Poppy main users until the mid-game. This can always be fixed with the right equipment for this nerfed champion.


  • Spinning Axe (Q): Base Damage 45-65 > 40-60

Although a small adjustment may sway players from using Draven, unless they can compensate by giving him items to up his damage.


Champions to be buffed:


  • Headshot (Passive): AD ratio: 60-110% > 60-120%
  • Ace in the Hole (R): Now deals up to 25% bonus damage based on critical strike chance

There is a good chance that Caitlyn could be part of the underdogs, especially with the additional damage to her critical strikes.


  • Base Stats: AR/level 4.2 > 4.7
  • Base Stats: Magic Resist: 28 > 30

This does not appear to be a major breakthrough for Irelia. She is a bit less likely to have a better pick rate in the next update with not much buff.


  • Granite Shield (P): Cooldown: 10-6s > 8-6s
  • Thunderclap (W): Cooldown: 12 > 12-10

Developers are looking at upping Malphites utility regarding team fights and one on one with the lowered cooldowns.


  • Rapid Fire (Q): Attack Speed: 50-110% > 65-125%

The update on her attack speed may not be enough for her to spar with other champions on the same lane. This would not be enough to see her in the new meta.

Kaisa splash art - filler image


  • Second Skin (P): On-Hit Damage: 4-16 > 5-23
  • Second Skin (P): Additional Damage per Stack: 1-8 > 1-12
  • Icathian Rain (Q): AP Ratio: 25% > 30%
  • Killer Instinct (R): AP Ratio: 90% > 120%

After being out in the spotlight, these multiple buffs will bring back Kai’Sa to the more popular list of champions.


Spell Thief (W): Minion Drop Rate: 1/12 > 1/10
Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E):Damage: 60-220 (+40% AP) > 70-230 (45% AP)

This is shaping up to be a great update for Zoe. She might make it to the meta with items to match the AP increase.


  • Base Stats: 22-24
  • To the Skies (Q): Bonus AD Ratio: 120% > 130%
  • Mercury Cannon/Mercury Hammer (R): Bonus AD Ratio: 25% > 30%

Jayce is heading to be a more competent Baron lane champion. This would put more pressure to enemies in the early game.


  • Grasping Roots (E): Post Cast Lockout: .15-0.4 s > 0.15 s

The adjustment would likely be unnoticeable. Perhaps more updates will happen to Zyra in the next coming updates.

Diana - LoL filler image

Champion to be Adjusted:


  • Moonsilver Blade (Passive): Damage: 20-250 (+50% AP) > 20-220 (+55% AP)
  • Lunar Rush (E): AP ratio: 45% > 50%

With her max damage being deducted, this is likely an attempt to get her out of the bruiser build and to put more light on her being an assassin. With more Ability Power ratio given to Diana, this may end her jungle builds.



  • Damage amplification: 9% > 10%
  • Damage amplification duration: 4 seconds > 5 seconds

League of Legends is available now on PC.

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