Riot introduces new champion for Project L

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The popular League of Legends is branching out to 2D fighting and bringing their all-time favorite characters, in a brand new game called Project L.

This dynamic, fast-paced fighting game was recently introduced back in November 2021, it featured classic backgrounds from the beloved franchise.

After being off the radar for a few months, Project L is coming out of the woodwork and showing off its most recent progress.

Illaoi, the Truth Bearer of Nagakabouros

After being introduced seven years ago in the League of Legends, Illaoi has been confirmed to be part of the starting roster in the upcoming 2D free-to-play fighting game.

She hails from the island of Buhru. It’s an island in the Serpent Isles, an archipelago in the world of League of Legends. This deity of life wields the golden artifact known as the “Eye of God.” It is a massive idol known for kidnapping the poor souls of its victims, forcing them out of their bodies. It also summons an entity with tentacles that grab the enemies and slams them to the ground.

“She is a powerful and charismatic spiritual leader who inspires others to be their own unstoppable force.”

Scott “Jaredan” Hawkes, Narrative Director of Project L
Credits: Riot Games

Future art design and narrative

Illaoi has also been known as a champion in Legends of Runeterra. She is popularized for her aid in saving the world from Ruination in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. Known for her physical presence, fans of Illaoi will also be pleased to know that the fighter will focus on aesthetics and battle prowess in the project.

The design and art of the character will borrow mainly from her roots in Bilgewater, a port city home to other popular League of Legends characters like Miss Fortune, Graves, and Fizz. Also, the design concept would go back to when she was introduced in 2015, surely bringing memories to those loyal to the franchise.

“Wisdom is frequently a kick in the head.”

– Illaoi
Credits: Riot Games

The narrative story of Illaoi will remain, according to Riot Games. This massive opponent, known to many as the colossal Kraken, will have most of its current visuals unaltered. The direction is the opposite of most art concepts in the initial roster of characters for the fighting game. The uncontested appeal of the character has proven to be her way of making a mark among the players. According to the art team of Project L, she will continue to look muscular, imposing, and proud. They would also like her to radiate joy and a sense of free spirit with gusto to live life to its fullest.

Although there are no plans to alter her overall aesthetic, Riot Games confirmed that there are plans to make some adjustments to her movements. The goal was to ensure that her fighting stances are on point and realistic. This perspective is a shift in the traditional approach used in League of Legends.

However, Project L would like to make a name for itself in the realm of fighting games with a sense of balance and realism to the character’s actions and combos. Their idea is to include her bracers, earrings, and weapon to be dependent on her movements, adding the feeling of being real for the upcoming fighting game.

With her unique fighting style, ambitious motions, and surreal power ( the Eye of God that sprouts specter-like tentacles), she is set to take this fighting game to new heights.

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