Is Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel available on Nintendo Switch?

If you’ve been wanting to play some Yu Gi Oh Master Duel on the go, you’ll want to know if this card game is available on the Nintendo Switch

Is Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel on the Switch?

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel is currently available on a wide array of platforms, and yes, that does include the Nintendo Switch. If you’d like to play it for yourself, you just need to head to the Nintendo eShop and start the download for Master Duel, then your Switch can handle the rest.

Use the nintendo eShop on your switch for Yu gi oh master duel
Credit: Nintendo,

If you’re not totally clear on the process, here’s a simple set of instructions for you to follow along with.

  1. Boot your Switch to the home page
  2. Enter the Nintendo eShop, which is the third button on the bottom bar by default
  3. Use the search function in the store to search for ‘Master Duel’ or ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’
  4. Hit the free download button and let your Nintendo Switch do the rest
Yu Gi Oh Master Duel on Nintendo Switch
Credit:, Konami

Getting Master Duel on Switch really is that simple. If you’re not familiar with Master Duel itself yet, this is not a demo or the like, it is in fact a free-to-play game in its entirety, though the premium currency earning rates are a bit slow later on, to incentivise players to buy-in.

Be aware that you’ll likely encounter another download in the game itself on top of the store download, as the game downloads all of the relative assets while opened as opposed to one big download upfront. This can be a bit annoying on systems like mobile or Switch, as it means leaving Master Duel running the entire time to patch up, which can be a long time if you don’t have the best internet connection.

If you’ve already been enjoying Master Duel, you might find it useful to read up on how to craft your own cards, or how to use up all those legacy packs you’ve likely acquired over time as duel rewards. And if you’re totally new, the good news for you is that the game is extremely generous with the premium currency upfront, as I discussed in a launch piece about the game.

You won’t have to worry about what platforms your friends play Master Duel on either, as the game does support a variety of platforms and features Crossplay, enabling you to duel each other no matter what system you’re on.

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