Halo: MCC Season 6: Raven

Halo: MCC Season 6: Raven

Halo: Master Chief Collection, AKA Halo: MCC released their newest season this month, Season 6: Raven. This season’s challenge rewards and Season Pass rewards all inspired by Fireteam Raven from 343 Industries’ collaborative arcade game with Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix appropriately called Halo: Fireteam Raven.

Halo: Fireteam Raven was released in 2018 and is an arcade game found at Dave & Busters, and other similar arcade-housing establishments around the world.

Fireteam Raven enables up to 4 players to engage in turret -based combat against classic Halo enemies such as Covenant and Flood.

Raven Season Pass Rewards

Each season, Halo: MCC has been dropping new rewards for players to unlock at their will with points earned from completing those seasonal challenges, known as Decks. We’ll go over Decks further down, but for now let’s go over the rewards unlocked by spending these points earned.

Halo MCC Season 6 Raven Season Rewards Master Chief Collection
Credit: 343 Industries

The rewards for Raven come in the form of 10 tiers. However, you will need to complete the lower tier to unlock the one above it. In order to complete a tier, every item in the tier before it must be purchases, sometimes requiring more than 1 Seasonal Point per selection.

All of the items within Raven are for character customization for Halo 3, except for Nameplates which can be used across the entirety of MCC.

The customization items you can unlock for Halo 3 from Raven are Helmets, Visor Colors, Legs, Arms, Chest, Weapon and Vehicle Skins, as well as Shoulder armor unlocks.

Back Accessories and Animated Visors are new items you’ll encounter while unique items such as Animated Nameplates and Tech Suits have made a return.

Raven Brings Escalation Slayer

Escalation Slayer is the newest mode to hit Halo: MCC with the release of Raven. Escalation Slayer is something I’m personally very excited to get my hands on. This mode, specifically for Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4, has players starting with a weapon and going up a rank to another weapon with each kill.

Halo MCC Season 6 Raven Escalation Slayer Master Chief Collection
Credit: 343 Industries

Escalation Slayer has its own rotation in the Social Playlist so you should get plenty of playtime between the 3 Halo titles it’s playable across.

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The Exchange Also Arrives with Raven

The Exchange is a unique new way for you to spend your Season Points. While there is only 3 individual items in The Exchange at a time, besides a bundle for a larger amount of points, you can also see the next 3 or so items that are going to hit the shop.

Halo MCC Season 6 Raven The Exchange Master Chief Collection
Credit: 343 Industries

Currently the only thing to hit The Exchange as a bundle is the Rhine Armor Bundle for 20 Season Points.

Seasonal Raven Decks

Each Season of Halo: MCC introduces a new set of challenges for players to complete for XP, Season Points, and exclusive items such as the Another Sunrise Animated Visor. The most sought after rewards are earned by completing 2 other specific challenges within the Seasonal Deck for Raven.

Items you’ll earn this way during Raven, besides the earlier mentioned Another Sunrise Animated Visor, are the Sword and Board Back Accessory and Gen2 Azure Techsuit. Each of the challenges rewarding these items within the Seasonal Deck also give you 77,000 XP.

Halo MCC Season 6 Raven Seasonal Decks Techsuit Sword and Board Back Accessory Master Chief Collection
Credit: 343 Industries

However, you must complete 2 specific challenges for each item to be unlocked.

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Each week, new Decks will be unlocked as well that are called Weekly Decks and they contain PVP and PVE challenges for players to complete. PVP Decks contain challenges for Social and Competitive multiplayer modes while PVE challenges require players to compete in PVE game modes such as Firefight.

Other content such as Timed Nameplates can also be unlocked, limited to Halo: MCC Season 6: Raven.

Halo MCC Season 6 Raven Season Rewards Timed Nameplates Hog Wild Unity 2021 Master Chief Collection
Credit: HaloWaypoint.com

You can find all Halo: MCC Season 6: Raven patch notes here on Halo Waypoint.

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