Halo MCC CE: Where is the Terminal in the first mission?

The location of the first terminal in Halo CE MCC

The first terminal can be found on the Pillar of Autumn of Halo CE in MCC, but where exactly is it to be found?

Terminals in MCC CE aren’t exactly subtle, so finding the first one in the Pillar of Autumn is pretty simple.

Where is the first terminal in MCC Halo CE?

To find the first Terminal, you’ll need to load up the first mission, The Pillar of Autumn, in Halo MCC CE. Ideally, you should do so on a higher difficulty than Normal to skip the slow introduction that calibrates your controls, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the first room for a minute or so handling that.

From there, progress the level normally up to when you meet Captain Keyes, not a particularly long walk to reach that point. The first terminal in Halo CE in MCC is found in the same room as Keyes, shown here with the flashing red screens off to the side behind him.

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When you arrive in the room with Keyes, just walk over to the left side and look out for the screen that matches the one shown below. It’ll be flashing on and off red, so if you have difficulty finding it just keep an eye out, it’s pretty obvious if you’re looking at the right one.

Going near it will give the prompt to interact with the terminal, and doing so will give you any relevant achievements and open the Terminal story entry immediately.

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Is there anything else?

That’s all there is to it for finding the first Terminal in Halo CE MCC. The Pillar of Autumn doesn’t really try to hide its collectables, but if you walk past them the first time you go by you’re not too likely to end up replaying this level a lot, so they’re not that hard to just forget about.

In any case, that’s about everything for this short guide. We’ve got more Halo content available for you if you’re interested, and if you’d like to try reading more of what I’ve written, my content is available on my author page.

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