How to break or bypass Anemo wind barriers in Genshin Impact

wind barrier in genshin impact

Anemo wind barriers in Genshin Impact are a fairly common obstacle you’ll need to bypass or get through in Mondstadt, but do appear in other locations such as the Golden Apple Archipelago in 2.8.

How to bypass Anemo wind barriers

These Anemo Wind barriers are tall but thin walls of air that will shove the player back if they come into contact with them in Genshin Impact. They’re rarely encountered outside of Mondstadt, the home of the Anemo Archon, but they appear with some regularity regardless.

The primary way to deal with Anemo wind barriers in Genshin Impact is by employing a tactic even Venti would be proud of. Flying over them and then dropping inside the walls. Usually, this will also shut the barrier down – though if it doesn’t and you walk back outside, you’ll need to fly over it a second time.

While not incredibly common, these obstacles have even made an appearance in the Golden Apple Archipelago during Summer Fantasia. So, is there another way you can deal with these? Can they be broken, for example?

It turns out that there is seemingly no other way to deal with wind barriers in Genshin. You have to find a way around them. Luckily with tools such as the Wind Catcher, placable objects such as Zhongli’s pillar or simply 240 stamina worth of climbing, it’s typically quite easy to get above them and drop into the middle, dispelling the barrier.

If the wind barrier has a chest inside, usually this is all it will take to resolve the puzzle.

some wind barrier puzzles have an extra step to get rid of them
Credit: HoYoVerse

In some cases, such as the appearance in Golden Apple Archipelago I mentioned above, you’ll need to employ something such as a Geo construct to activate a pressure plate and hold the barrier down.

This lets you engage with other parts of the puzzle – in this case a Melodic Harp – and complete it while the wind barrier remains inactive. As a quick side note, the names of these doesn’t really seem to be a settled thing. So if you hear a friend calling them wind walls, or storm barriers, or anything else? We don’t really have a concrete answer on which term it’s meant to be.

The wiki offers terms such as Storm barriers, Wind barriers and Anemo barriers though, and any one of those is likely good enough to get the point across.

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