Genshin Impact: How to unlock the Universal Fungus Domain

unlock the universal fungus domain using dendro in genshin impact 3.0

Last Updated on: 19th September 2022, 02:44 pm

While update 3.0 in Genshin Impact brought plenty to do in Sumeru on the surface, it also brought plenty to do underground, including new domains. Here’s how you can unlock the Universal Fungus domains, one of those many new additions.

Domains offer one of two types of experiences, either one long challenge for a small treasure hoard, or a repeatable fight that will grant the player useful items such as Artifacts.

Note that you will need a Dendro character or to use a Dendrogranum to complete the necessary puzzle to unlock the Universal Fungus domain.

How to unlock the Universal Fungus Domain

Dendro elemental monuments can be found scattered nearby the site of the entombed domain. As you may guess, successfully powering these monuments using Dendro elemental damage will open the entrance

There are five monuments in total in the area, the fifth of which, located directly behind the Universal Fungus Domain, is buried inside a rock pile. To destroy the rocks and gain access to the Monument , you’ll have to hit it with a Dendrograna to break it open. Unlike the monuments, these rocks can only be destroyed by Dendrograna, and not just any type of Dendro damage.

With the fifth monument uncovered, you can attempt to unlock the Universal Fungus domain properly now; though before you start activating Monuments, there is a specific order you’ll need to use to get it correct.

The correct order to activate the Dendro monuments is shown below, with a corresponding list for anyone with issues loading the image guide depicting how to unlock the Universal Fungus Domain.

The order to unlock the universal fungus domain in sumeru
Credit: HoYoVerse, TheClick

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Activate them in the following order:

  • Right side of the Domain building
  • Left side of the Domain building
  • Monument previously buried under rocks located behind the Domain building
  • The other Monument located behind the Domain
  • Finally, the Monument in front of the Domain.

Relying on the Dendrogranum for this can be frustrating, so you’ll have more success making use of Collei to enable you to shoot all the Monuments with Dendro damage with relative ease.

The Universal Fungus Domain, otherwise known as ‘Under the Umbrella’s Shade’, can be found in the most northern section of Verdant Sumeru. Or at least, the Sumeru that has been released as of Genshin Impact version 3.0.

Under the umbrella's shade, the universal fungus domain in genshin impact 3.0 sumeru
Credit: HoYoVerse, TheClick

You’ll be able to fast travel to the domain after following the steps above to unlock it, but accessing it otherwise will likely require you to make use of the Mawtiyima forest teleport beacon.