Genshin Impact: Where are Sumeru bounties and Sumeru requests

sumeru bounties and requests screen

Each region of Genshin Impact has its own reputation system, with Sumeru being no different, so make sure to check out where to find Sumeru bounties and Sumeru requests here.

It’s easy to forget about these little systems as when you’ve maxed your reputation out in all the available areas, there really isn’t any other reason to continue doing these tasks – outside of Battlepass points, anyway.

Still, with the newly added Sumeru region, we have another reputation score to increase, which means taking advantage of the reputation available through bounties and requests in the region of Sumeru.

Where can I get Sumeru Bounties or Sumeru requests?

Both the Sumeru bounties and Sumeru requests can be undertaken from the character known as Effendi in Sumeru City. Thanks to his location on one of the lower levels of Sumeru in a large open area, if you have the central upper floor teleport beacon, you can dive down from there and easily land next to him with a bit of gliding.

You’ll need to talk to Effendi in Sumeru city to get a start on the reputation system for the region. Both Sumeru requests and bounties will require you to be reputation level two before you can take either of these types of tasks from this Sumeru reputation advisor though.

If you’ve completed the two archon quests thus far available, you’ll already be halfway to level two. Other ways to improve your reputation score right away and unlock Sumeru bounties and requests will involve clearing out world quests or increasing your exploration score of the region.

Both of these activities will give one-off reputation rewards you can claim from Effendi to improve your Sumeru rep score immediately.

Sumeru reputation rewards

As with other regions, you can see the rewards for increasing your Sumeru reputation score by accessing the rewards menu when speaking to the local reputation advisor, Effendi in this case.

The tier 10 reward is a cosmetic wing set, as with previous regions, which has been assigned to Sumeru – themed around the visual style of Lesser Lord Kusanali and the Dendro element.

sumeru bounties and sumeru requests reputation rewards
Credit: HoYoverse, TheClick

Other rewards are available as usual. The staple unlocks such as merchant discounts and mining outcrop assistance from blacksmiths are available at the same levels as always, and some region themed decorations are available as blueprints too.

All in all, it’s about what you’d expect the reputation system to have based on the other regions, it’s just Sumeru-themed this time. Make sure to get bounties and requests for Sumeru unlocked soon if you want to max these out anytime soon, as the reputation system has always needed a bit of grind to get anywhere.

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