Genshin Impact: How to solve the Astral Puzzle

Asterism shard reward for the second astral puzzle

Mona’s mirage domain in Summer Fantasia seems to be just brimming with puzzles, so here’s a hand with how to solve the Astral Puzzle in Genshin Impact 2.8.

How to solve the Astral Puzzle

To solve the Astral Puzzle, the first step is to get a look at the solution, typically there will be something shown nearby with the solution, or something that must be interacted with to reveal the solution.

In the Astral Puzzle example I am using, the second one, the player must first activate a star sigil on the wall to let loose a roaming star, who must then be followed for a short time before it will reveal the answer and allow you to solve the Astral Puzzle.

After releasing the star and letting it take to the skies, the solution to the puzzle will be displayed as a constellation in the sky above – visible only through the damage to the roof of the area.

You can make out parts of it from different angles. It’s a bit annoying to do piece by piece this way, but it will allow you to solve this particular Astral Puzzle. Other puzzles have their solutions displayed on the undamaged roof of their chambers, or through an impassible see-through doorway until you solve the Astral Puzzle.

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If you just don’t want to bother making sense of this particular Astral Puzzle yourself, here’s how you’ll need to setup the laser emitters to complete the puzzle. Doing so will spawn a reward chest near the room entrance, which contains, you guessed it, a shiny new Asterism shard.

The complete solution to the second astral puzzle, for how to solve the astral puzzle in genshin impact 2.8
Credit: HoYoVerse, TheClick.GG

If you were looking for a solution to the second Astral puzzle, you can now take your new shard back to the main room and see if it opens up any new doorways for you.

For those struggling with a different Astral Puzzle, remember that while not all Astral puzzles are the same in terms of the answer needed, all of them show you what the answer is somewhere nearby. You might just not be looking in the right place to see it so far. Or maybe you missed a silly star-on-the-wall interaction, like this one, which ultimately reveals the answer to you when completed.

Either way, good luck adventuring through the mysterious maze that is the mind of Mona in this particular mirage domain, you might well need it.

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