How to solve Melodic Harp puzzles in Genshin Impact

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On day 2 of Summer Fantasia, we met with Xinyan’s area. This new area will require you to solve Melodic Harp Puzzles to progress and find treasure.

How to solve Melodic Harp Puzzles

All Melodic Harp puzzles are solved using two minimum components. The first is the Melodic harp itself, which be interacted with to ‘perform’, firing the music notes that work their way through the puzzle or destroy obstacles for you. The other component are gramophone-like flowers that fire the musical notes off in the direction they face.

To solve a Melodic harp puzzle, it often comes down to correctly aligning these flowers to face the obstacle you must destroy or other flowers that will carry the note to its destination.

perform option on the melodic guitar in day 3 of summer fantasia
Credit: HoYoVerse

Other endings to these puzzles can include larger versions of the flowers, which often create jump points that will carry you to far-off places via wind currents, or large barrier-like harps which are destroyed upon contact with the musical note created by the Melodic Harp.

The main thing to remember with these puzzles is the flowers that repeat the note. If you can find the guitar-looking Melodic harp somewhere, there’s a good chance that some of these are nearby. If you perform at the harp the note should fly to the nearest one automatically, as the harp never needs to be adjusted itself.

This can be used to help you find where the first step towards being able to solve Melodic Harp puzzles is located.

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